The Ministries of Truth: Lake Area Media and Propaganda

The following is a look at media outlets in the Lake of the Ozarks area and the role these outlets have had in creating the lawless environment in Camden County.

‘Lake Media Attempts to Restore Credibility’

‘Camden County Republican Club and Local Media’

‘Progpaganda v. Reality’

‘Ten Easy Questions’

‘The False Narrative’

‘Pants on Fire!’

‘Where in the World is Joyce Miller?’

‘Running with the Pack’

‘The Paywall Argument’

‘A Letter From Eric Dundon: The Paywall Argument’

‘The ‘New Era’ of Missouri Media’

‘Choking Out the Opponent’

Also look at the American Spring Series: Missouri’s Ministry of Truth

This series looks at who controls media in Missouri, with a special focus on Gatehouse Media, corporate parent of the Lake Sun Leader.

‘Manufacturing Consent’

‘Missouri’s Ministry of Truth’

‘Who Owns the Media in MO-4?’

‘Government Overreach’

Also, the American Spring Series: Rural Missouri’s Media Gatekeepers

‘Lake Sun Inflates Santorum Support’

‘A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Nomination…’

‘The Gatehouse Version’

‘Missouri Media is Becoming Frightening Prototype’


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