The Franken File

American Spring brings you an ongoing series of investigations into the dealings of Kris Franken, Camden County Presiding Commissioner. Since taking office in 2011, Franken has been embroiled in controversy after controversy.
The Franken File takes a look at this road map of treachery, beginning with the software scandal that cost county tax payers $53,000.

Be sure to catch Guerrilla Radio with American Spring for ongoing discussion on the Franken File.

‘The Need For Transparency’: Cliff Luber’s efforts to bring truth and accountability to the Camden County Courthouse, despite Franken’s efforts to operate in the shadows.

‘Franken’s Software Scandal’: Kris Franken’s political kickback scheme, costing tax payers $53,000.

‘Where in the World Is Joyce Miller?’: The Lake Sun, whose reporting first brought attention to the political kickback scheme, seemingly has done an about-face, refusing to investigate the scoop they first made public.

‘Facts, Lies and Audiotape’: Why did Commissioner Cliff Luber have to buy a second recorder for county meetings? Why, because of Franken!

‘Pants on Fire!’: Presiding Commissioner Kris Franken suggested we go back and look at the audio of his recent appearance on KRMS radio. We did.

‘Ten Easy Questions’: During Kris Franken’s August appearance on KRMS Morning Magazine, Manny Haley has an opportunity to raise the bar for local media. Will he take advantage of it? American Spring suggested a few questions for Franken…

‘Franken’s Lake Landgrab’: Franken and his technocrats set the stage for violations of private property rights through the use of Planning and Zoning and EEZ proposals.

‘Article 600 and the P and Z Shell Game’: Article 600, the vaguely written enforcement piece of Planning and Zoning, is the subject of discussion in this look at a ‘manufactured crisis’ orchestrated by Franken and henchman Don Hathaway.

‘The Numbers Game’: Looks at Franken’s attempts to minimize the opposition to Article 600 through illogical math and the ‘usual suspects’ from Horseshoe Bend are introduced.

‘Facts, Lies and Audiotapes’

‘Pants on Fire!’

‘Where in the World is Joyce Miller?’

‘Unilateral Rewrite of Article 800’

‘Propaganda v Reality’

‘Camden County P and Z Problems’

‘Lake Area Elite Form PAC’

‘Attorney General Inquires About Camden County P and Z’

‘P and Z Boards Seated Improperly’

‘It’s Always Sunny In Camden County’

‘Happy Trails, Hathaway!’

‘Expansion of 242 Stalls’

‘County Attorney Threatens to Sue County?’

‘Hathaway, McElyea and the ‘Chicken Little’ Argument’

‘Hathaway’s Ass Chewing’

‘Despite Cheese, Mac’s Argument Has Merit’


‘Commissioners Luber, Thomas Address P and Z’

‘Franken and Franklin’

‘Franken’s False Claims’

‘Franken’s Fit’


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