The District

Here, you will find articles from an ongoing investigation into the Camdenton School District. As education is transformed across our landscape, American Spring observes these changes by focusing on our local school district and the moves made that effect the classroom.

‘The Curious Case of Mr. Kirksey’: A well-respected and much loved administrator is put on leave for minor testing irregularities. Interestingly, some of the violations are not under the administrator’s umbrella of responsibility.

‘The False Narrative’: Gatehouse Media’s Lake Sun has presented one side of Mr. Kirksey’s story, preferring to obscure facts and focus on allegations. This is not the first time the paper has manipulated facts to effect The District.

‘The Bully System’: Police, threats and Camdenton School. CPD actions regarding threats made against a concerned mother showing support for Mr. Sean Kirksey raise many questions.

‘Hadfield and the ‘McCoys”: A look at the determined look to keep Mr. Kirksey’s case behind closed doors and what these efforts have in common with other elected officials in Camden County.

‘The Wake of Laker Nation’ takes a look at the climate in our school system, moving forward.

‘Transformation of Education’

‘Camdenton School Public Comment Comes Under Fire’

’32 Days’

‘Camdenton, Missouri School Board Elections About Local Control’

‘Missouri State Senators and Teacher Suppression’


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