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The Aftermath

Like most of you, I remember everything about Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001.  From the first report of a plane hitting the World Trade Center to Congress singing on the steps of the Capitol.  I remember tracking down friends and loved ones, three of whom were in the air, on flights, when the attacks occurred.  I remember being in shock as I traveled down I-435 in Kansas City.  The interstate was almost empty.  The skies were.

I remember that day clearly, like those who saw Kennedy’s assassination remember where they were, what they were doing.  In many ways, the events in November 1963 and September 2011 have much in common, as both can be pointed to as examples of coups in the shell of American democracy.  It is with that in mind, that we turn and look back at the eleven years since the attacks of 9/11.  The facts bear out that, in the aftermath, a horrific agenda has been unleashed.  The evidence is in the laws that have been passed against the people of this country.  The proof is in the smoking rubble of Iraq.  The truth lies in the mountain passes of Afghanistan and on the blood stained streets of Yemen.  It is all around us, even though the propagandists attempt to keep it hidden with reality TV and news reports of celebrity missteps.

In the days since, America and her citizens have been hijacked.

From the Patriot Act to NDAA, the bars of a totalitarian regime have been constructed.  From Trapwire to Stellar Wind, the eyes of the Gestapo have access to our movements and electronic ‘footprints’.  From above, drones will patrol us, ready to hone in on signs of dissent.  Due to the steady, unchallenged power grab by the Executive Branch of our government in the wake of that Tuesday eleven years ago, they might fire on us.  A totalitarian regime has been created under our noses in the years since September 11, 2011.  The shock of the attacks was used as an anesthetic, dulling our resistance, while a fascist empire has been unleashed, first on Afghanistan, then Iraq, now in Yemen.  Soon, it will be enforced here, as the facade of political choice falls away.

They didn’t construct our prison without malice.  They built it with intent.  That intent is clear.

The facts are clear and not open to debate.  They have been recounted many times.  They are reinforced everyday in headlines scattered around the world.  They are written in blood and repeated in the mournful cries of children.  What has been done in the aftermath, both here and around the world, is tragic.  It is criminal.  It is barbaric.  It straight out of Revelation.

Monday’s headlines alone bear that out in a simple game of association.

The New York Times ran a report today that talked about a Chinese company called Foxconn.  Some of you may know Foxconn, as last year, they had a wave of suicides by workers who couldn’t escape the ‘militarylike atmosphere’ in their factories.  It would appear that now, child labor is being forced on children in school.  For those who don’t know, Foxconn is the primary producer of components for Dell, Hewlett-Packard and Apple.

Apple, whose iPhone5 is to hit the market soon, is expected to boost the GDP of the United States by anywhere from .25% to half a percent.  They plan to sell 8 million of them in the 4th quarter, at $600 per iPhone.  Apple, who last week was shown to be keeping unique device/owner ID’s and passing along your travel habits and who knows what else to…..well, that’s hard to say.  They don’t have to tell us.  Apple, who last week has shown the capability for remote camera deactivation.  Apple, a huge player in the Military Industrial Complex, is a founding member of the Surveillance State.  They have given willing governments, like China, the ability to keep such pesky stories like Foxconn labor conditions, quiet.  Unseen and unheard.

In contrast, Trapwire is all seeing.  It was originally sold to China, where it was refined and improved upon.  Our Department of Homeland Security, created immediately after the attacks in Sept. ’01, has begun using it here in the United States.  They have also enacted a ‘See Something, Say Something’ campaign that encourages spying on your neighbor.

They are promoting domestic drone use in Congress, for surveillance purposes.  They killed 29 people in 8 days with these same drones, in use around the world, flown from places like Whiteman AFB in Missouri.  Today, protestors with Trifecta Resista, were in Federal Court in that state’s capitol, as they were charged with crimes for attempting to deliver an indictment for murder.

The murder of a union leader in Bangladesh shows the machine of refined fascism among the sewing machines that churn out Tommy Hilfiger, American Eagle and Gap clothes.  Workers looked to him for help and leadership.  Others were looking as well.  His phone was monitored.  Police harassed him.  He was abducted and beaten.  He was threatened.

He disappeared.

He was found tortured and murdered.  He was found with broken bones.  He was found with a hole drilled into the back of his knee.

In Chicago, 29,000 teachers have taken to the streets to oppose corporate education reforms.  They are fighting for smaller class sizes.  They are fighting against rote testing.  They are fighting to save our children.

And their phones, at least those who use Apple, are most definitely being monitored.

Education is under attack.  It has been undermined by policy decisions designed to create failure, thus opening the door to the privatization of education.  Private academies, like those in China.

Ironically, the Representative from my own district is pushing legislation that will allow for child labor.  Vigilant Vicky Hartzler, from the tree of religious extremism, would ask that you pray.  Take it on faith, instead of taking a close look at her bill, being passed off as a ‘pro-family farm’ bill.  At the same time, she has voted for legislation that will imprison us at the government’s discretion, a government owned by corporations.  She endorses drone use for domestic spying.  She voted to extend the Patriot Act.  She voted to make protest a felony.

My local paper ran a story about her being given a commendation from a minority group of elderly voters, RetireSafe.  The commendation was called the “Standing Up For America’s Seniors” Award.  This group awarded Bob Gibbs of Ohio the same.  And Ann Marie Buerkle. And Jeff Denham.  And Dan Lungren. They lobbied for Medicare Part D, which raised drug prices on seniors, have made this a regular practice, in order to manufacture support for candidates who will vote according to Big Pharma companies wishes.

In the UK, the elderly are suffering in areas represented by the ‘liberal’ party.  They are feeling the draconian cuts that are being made to their social programs across the board.  From forcing disabled people to work for their benefits to the dismantling of the National Health Service, the UK is undergoing a rapid, radical transformation.  The will of the people is being ignored, igniting talks of widespread public and private sector strikes.

This growing unrest in the UK is fueled (no pun intended) by record gas prices and fears of inflation.

Sound familiar?

Today, the ninth person died in Gitmo.  That’s more than those who have ever faced charges or a trial, of which there have been six. Today, the US handed over control of a prison to Afghanistan, although we are still ‘handling’ (torturing, if you prefer) prisoners.  Today, because our children do not know better, six in ten of them believe torture is acceptable.

Today, they know nothing of the kids in China, of the horrors of forced labor in a police state where Big Brother watches every move and Big Corporations rule the world.

It is our job to insure they never do.

What has risen from the ashes of 9/11 is demonic, it is psychotic.  It is the simple, brutal reality of the bottom line.  It is them and it is us.  There is no factor for human decency or kindness, no variable to be added for mercy.  There is only profit margin and collateral damage.

We are surrounded by the aftermath of that day.

It’s time to wake up and look around.

Lake Sun, Lies and Luber

” Some of those that burn crosses, are the same that hold office “

-Rage Against The Machine (live)

The Lake Sun and its staff have proven themselves to be peddlers of lies and propaganda.

While that statement seems inflammatory and ready-made for tabloids, it stands as simple fact.  In the short months the American Spring website has been active, they have been caught in numerous lies and attempts to obfuscate truth in order to fit their editorial slant.  Some of those efforts have been documented and reported here, while others have been pointed out via Twitter and other social media outlets.  This morning’s article by Spree Hilliard however, recounting the win by Cliff (Ayatollah) Luber in Camden County’s 2nd District, and Friday’s lead-up to the election describing a ‘smear campaign’ against Luber, has defined a new low for the Lake of the Ozarks paper.  In the most generous of descriptions, they could be said to be defining a particular narrative.  At worst, they reveal themselves to be the public relations arm of the lunatic fringe, for whom the Ayatollah is a local poster boy.

The Friday before the election, the Lake Sun put its propaganda machine fully behind the Ayatollah.  In an article titled ‘Smear Campaign Takes Aim at Commission Candidate Luber’, spin doctor Spree Hilliard and editor Joyce Miller transformed, by manipulation of language and the ‘clever’ use of quotation marks, frightening threats made by the Ayatollah to “blow” the “heads off” underpriviledged children served by Sonshine Ranch.

In what can best be described as a sickening use of media, Hilliard and Miller attempt to invalidate a report from the Camden County Sheriff’s Department detailing the Ayatollah’s bigoted murder threats.

Hilliard and Miller, apparently motivated by personal bias, elected to take the referenced sheriff’s report and disregard it with nothing more than their pens and keyboards.  The report clearly states that Mr. Hauck, owner of the Sonshine Ranch, had multiple threats leveled against him and the children he served.  These so-called journalists dismissed the sheriff’s report, deciding instead to function as the Ayatollah’s personal press corp.

Instead of investigating and reporting on the very basic fact that such a police report existed, they sought to undermine the credibility of a citizen of this county for political gain.  Police reports do not write themselves and while, certainly, there can be arguments raised that false complaints are made, the CCSD did not charge Mr. Hauck with any such offense.  In point of fact, it would appear that Mr. Hauck himself chose not to pursue the matter any further with police, so as not to further disrupt and cause issues for the ranch.

While this would be bad enough on its own merits, the staff at the Lake Sun seem to have been unable to resist gloating at their own impact on yesterday’s race.

Today, Spree Hilliard offered another piece, this one titled ‘Luber Upsets Gumm in Camden County Commission Race’.  In this disgusting, self-congratulatory article, the Lake Sun and Hilliard again manipulate truth, replacing it with bias.  While readers are urged to look at all of the pieces linked here for context, a few noteworthy quotes from that article are as follows:

It opens:

“Despite a well-orchestrated smear campaign, a relative newcomer to Camden County politics won an easy victory in the second district commissioner’s race, ousting a 12-year veteran office holder.”

Across Camden County, the overwhelming majority of political signage belonged to the Ayatollah. It would be difficult to classify him as anything but the favorite. In spite of that, she goes on to say:

“Luber was considered to be the underdog in the race after being targeted by an anonymous smear campaign.”

Smear campaign, mentioned again, attempting to spin fact from the air.

“To Luber, his win sends a clear message to the anonymous author that “evil, cowardly politics” have no place in Camden County.”

To clarify, ‘evil’ and ‘cowardly’ could best be used to describe a man who would threaten to
“blow” the “heads off” children.  Also, is the CCSD anonymous, since it was their report that lies at the heart of this Lake Sun invention?

Luber is then quoted:

“I’m very humbled and grateful for the support from the folks in the community. I will do the very best job to serve the community,” Luber said shortly after hearing about his surprise victory. Luber asks residents to keep him grounded and in touch with the community since this election was all about ‘we the people.’ ”

Surprise victory? Keep him grounded and in touch? That doesn’t sound at all egotistical, vain or typical of politicans sent to Washington with their own hidden agendas…

In a question and answer segment done by the Lake Sun, the Ayatollah was quoted as saying:

“An elected official must have a sense of purpose that is larger than himself “.


Why is this relevant now, you may ask?  The election is now over and the favorite won.

It is important because Cliff Luber, the Ayatollah, has the same political ties as Vigilant Vicky Hartzler, who has voted to jail Americans indefinitely, make it a crime to protest government wrongdoing and who has used a local issue (FERC) to introduce legislation that will eliminate the protective barriers between landowners at the Lake and corporate juggernant Ameren. They appear cut from the same cloth, espousing the word of God while they spread a particular kind of disgusting, cancerous hatred.  They would steal your rights while they smile and wave.  It is the same cloth that men like Kevin Kordes of Gravois Mills (pictured below), are cut from.

Kevin Kordes, Gravois Mills, touting a gun and spewing hate.

No matter how hard the Ayatollah has tried to run from connections to the Tea Party and the disaster that corporate sponsored group has meant to our nation since 2010, in his chest there appears to beat the same black heart.  It is the kind of monster who would shoot children while holding a Bible in his hands and THAT is not something most of us who live here would support.

It’s a damn shame that we don’t have a newspaper that recognizes the difference.

The Lake Sun has a history of lying to serve its own ends.  They have a history of manipulating and manufacturing truth to support far right-wing extremists, from Santorum to the Ayatollah himself.  They have created an echo chamber that pushes the notion climate change is due to wind farms.  Worse, they have created an environment where Mr. Kordes believes himself justified in his threats, as Luber’s were so easily and readily wiped away.

It is time to tell them that, this time, they have gone too far.

Joyce Miller.  Spree Hilliard.


You aren’t fit to serve the people of this community and you are certainly not journalists.

You are something far more dangerous.

For the record, my name is Paul Ellison and I am anything BUT anonymous.