P&Z Problems, Questions of Legality, Reach MO State Atty General

To Whom it May Concern:

My name is Theresa Townsend. I have owned a business in Camden County for twelve years. I recently had reason to inter-act with Camden County

Planning and Zoning in order to obtain a building permit for a storage shed to be attached to my existing building. In the course of these dealings, I was threatened, harassed, sworn at, had ULC code made up and/or improperly applied to my business. Even though I finally (after FOUR months and several thousand dollars!) obtained the permit to build an attached storage shed, I was alarmed at the blatant discrimination and misapplication of the ULC, the abuse of office and the disrespect for a law abiding taxpayer.

I took my concerns to the Camden County Commissioners on October 24, 2013. Commissioner Luber recorded that meeting, at my request, even though Commissioner Franken stated that could not be done for “technical reasons”. The bullet point speech I delivered on that date, as well as copies of all letters and responses are in a folder on skydrive which you have been sent an e-mail for( https://onedrive.live.com/#cid=7EA37534E17E7E7C&id=7EA37534E17E7E7C!8581).

On October 25, 2013 Planning & Zoning Administrator Don Hathaway was placed on a two week, unpaid leave for unspecified reasons.

On the date of his return, November 15, 2013 several citizens staged the first protest ever at the Camden County Courthouse. We were protesting the lack of oversight by the Camden County Commissioners and the abuse of office by Planning & Zoning Administrator Don Hathaway and Planning & Zoning Inspector Dann Haworth.

On November 21, 2013 I again attempted to address the Camden County Commissioners. Last time I was NOT put on the agenda, as requested and this time I was on the agenda under Public Comment and for the first time ever, the Presiding Commissioner Kris Franken invoked a Three Minute Limitation. Mr. Franken AGAIN did not answer my questions and advised me to put them in writing and he would provide a courteous response.

On December 3, 2013 I sent a 17 page letter to all three County Commissioners as directed by Mr. Franken. On December 5, 2013 I received a “response” from Mr. Franken that answered NONE of my questions. I have since sent e-mails on 12-5, 12-12, 12-16, 12-23 and 12-30 requesting answers to the questions I have asked TWICE in person and SIX times in e-mails. I am STILL waiting for answers.

On 2-02-13 I became aware of a hearing scheduled for 2-19-14 on proposed changes to our ULC through an “article” in the Lake Sun Leader, (Though Franken says he has been personally working on the proposed amendments for several months, it only came before the other county commissioners last week. They subsequently scheduled a work session for Monday (2-10-14) to review the suggested modifications before Franken presents them to the planning commission Feb. 19) which surprised me as this never appeared on the County Commissioners agenda, nor did they have discussion or vote on this.

I did a line by line comparison of the proposed changes and found several violations of RSmo. I sent a letter with these detailed concerns to my county commissioners on 2-19-14. In the course of studying the state statutes as they applied to Planning and Zoning, I became aware that the board of adjustment and the planning and zoning commission were NOT seated according to law. This was pointed out to my county commissioners in the letter of 2-19-14. I attended the “hearing” of the planning and zoning commissioners on 2-19-13. The proposed changes were on the agenda, yet, when I asked to speak to the commission on this item, I was denied my right to do so.

Since I have been threatened, harassed. verbally abused and discriminated against by the Planning & Zoning Administrator and Inspector, I repeatedly took my concerns to my County Commissioners. The response has been to ignore me, to make official minutes that are in direct conflict with the truth, to deny me my right to speak and the doubling of my permit fees. There has been no desire to look into compliance with state stautes or to even discuss it.

This led to me sending letters to the ACLU and to my State Representatives on several occasions. This has now lead to my State Representative Rocky Miller referring this to the State Attorney General for further review. To that end, I am attaching all pertinent information or sending in another file as there is sooooo much information to PROVE that what I’ve said has occurred indeed has.

On 2-26-14, Commissioner Luber appeared on a local radio show
( http://www.blogtalkradio.com/americanspring1/2014/02/26/guerrilla-radio-with-american-spring-1 ) and admitted I was correct about these violations. He is the ONLY elected official who has been trying to help me and resolve these issues, but, he is shackled by two commissioners who wish I would just go away and who have actively worked to silence me. He has also been hampered in his efforts to correct this situation by Commissioner Franken who has blatantly disregarded procedure, the ULC and the state law in these matters and by Rowland Todd, the County Clerk who consistently provides false accounting in the form of official minutes.

I look forward to hearing what your office is going to do to help correct these gross abuses and illegalities. Thanking you for your consideration and
courtesy, I am,

Theresa L. Townsend