Protect and Serve? : The Camden County Sheriff Department

This is a collection of articles, interviews and reports on the actions of the Camden County Sheriff Dwight Franklin and his department. It is not for the faint of heart.

‘The Mystery of Donnie Erwin’ is the story of a missing Lake area resident and the disregard his case has received from CCSD.

‘CCSD Threaten Victims After Brutal Beating’ Hear Stacy Shore relate her parents’ story in this unbelievable interview.

‘Excessive Force’ deals with the murder of Glenn David Norman.

‘American Spring Editor Faces Charges’ is the editor of this site’s own experience with CCSD.

‘The Militarization of the Lake’ looks at the increased aggression of both the CCSD and the military equipment they now possess in rural Lake area towns.


1 thought on “Protect and Serve? : The Camden County Sheriff Department

  1. I would love to address this matter. But am certain of what will happen to me. I have never seen a more crooked judiciary system anywhere. My son is one of the ,”targeted” people and is being held in the Camden County Jail. His Constutional rights have been violated numerous times and the lawyers don’t seem to care. Where do I go from here? What can I do? Who can I talk to ?

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