Mission Statement

Here we stand.

Look around. We began as a small few and with each passing moment, the word spreads. Each time truth is spoken from previously silent lips, our numbers swell. With every passing day, we see more and more examples of their callous disregard for our thoughts, our opinions and our well-being. With every new dawn, our numbers grow.

The time to stand is now.

The people of this country are ready for the truth. Most of them already know it in their gut, even if they can’t verbalize it. We have been deceived and played for fools. We have allowed it to go on and if we do not stop it, we will be as guilty as they are.


Across the world, our brothers and sisters are uniting against their oppressors. They are standing up and demanding change, they are demanding there be no more. No more government controlled by banks and corporate interests. No more laws written to restrict people in favor of the uppermost reaches of our society. We are not going to be legislated into economic slavery. We will stand with our brothers in Greece, who are in the aftermath of what is coming toward us. We will stand with our sisters in Syria, as they shrug off their tyrants. We will stand with the children of Egypt as they still struggle for their country. We will stand with our friends in Nigeria who suffer under the Shell logo. We will stand with our brothers and sisters in Europe who are beginning to see the same measures enacted against them. Together, we shall stand and our voices will boom with the roar of thunder.


Across this land, there are families in tents, children who are hungry and our elderly have to wake up and go to work to pay for their medication, even though they are past retirement age. We have nearly a quarter of our population out of work because of corporate friendly laws that allowed for them to go anywhere with their money and hire the cheapest labor available. We have to decide to give something up to pay for rising gas and food costs. We feel it. We know it is worse than they tell us. We know.


For nearly fifty years, the corporate interest has inched forward as they corrupted the entire system. They own our courts. They own our president. They own our lawmakers. They own our media. They own it all. The government is no longer by or for us. They are against us. It is us versus them. It is people or profits.

Here we stand, from all walks of life, from all over the world, united in one common purpose, to solve one common problem. Here we stand, together, finally, side by side, shoulder to shoulder ready to shout with one voice:

‘We the people…’

The time to stand is now.

Brothers and Sisters. We are coordinating regional teams as we speak. We are networking and growing our numbers with every passing day. Our voices are gaining strength and they will hear us. America is feeling the first warm rays of its Spring in cities like San Diego, Seattle, New York and Madison. Our Spring is washing over this land like the golden sun of a new day, bringing compassion, wisdom, resolve.

We the people know what is important. We the people understand the time to act is upon us. We the people do not need to wait for an election to change things.

They only have the power we have given them.

Our Spring is now.

We will not neglect ANY of our tools to accomplish our one single goal.

The United States Government must be free of ALL corporate corruption.

They are NOT ALLOWED to pass another law.

The Government will be returned to its people and their representatives, not corporate shills.

We will be free.

Brothers and Sisters. I ask you to put your differences aside, to leave the nonsense at the door. We are on the threshold of history. If we do not act, if we do not succeed, they will win. Nothing else matters. Anonymous has been alone in this war for far too long. They MUST be Anonymous. WE do not have to be.

The time to stand has come.

Solidarity. Unity. People. Global.

The time to stand is now.

United As One, Divided By Zero.

OUR Spring is HERE!


9 thoughts on “Mission Statement

  1. I love the sentiment but have found no action items here other than to prepare to survive. Too poor for most of these items, I will have to either make do or perish when the time comes. That’s okay I guess – we all gotta go some time! In the meantime, some group activity would be welcome.

    • Dorothy … stay tuned, and stay aware. You comment on “some group activiity” being welcome. Well, things are in the works. What will come of thme remains to be seen. Are you interested in being a part of something bigger?

      R e q u e s t – for – i n f o r m a t i o n: A number of people used to post in the Opinions Section of the Lake News. While all were interesting, a few come to mind, and it would be interesting to see if any of you might be interested in being a part fo something that’s in the works.. Some of the posters that come to mind are:

      – JustDucky
      – Sundown
      – ozarkhogsknr (spelling?)

      and others. Don’t take it personally if I failed to include your login name – my memory is limited.

      If you are interested – simply post your thoughts and/or questions here.

      Hope to hear from you.

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  3. Sad to say, but it would seem that we have been lured to a place that we don’t belong in, and most certainly should be in. So, you might ask, what place is that? Simple? The complex world of political gamesmanship. Gamesmanship = The art or practice of using tactical maneuvers to further one’s aims or better one’s position: “a sometimes wry, sometimes savage look at the players, political gamesmanship.

    We are now treating politics in the same way that we treat sports – an our team mentality, and winning, as Vince Lombardi said – “Winning isn’t Everything. It’s the Only Thing’. And we, blindly, follow our team. The danger? Simple. We don’t know what we are doing.

    It’s about big money – and lots of it. Money and power go hand-in-hand, and people like the Koch Brothers have plenty of both. So, how much money do the Koch Brothers have/control. Well, I’ve heard that they are worth some $54 billion – or, that they could spend of give a way $1 million a day for 145 years, and sill have more left over than most of us would earn in several working lives. In fact – they would never run out at that rate because $54 billion earns more than the $1 million a day.

    Here’s another point to bloster that already made. As soon as the mention of the Koch Brothers is made, those on the other team cite the likes of George Soros. Fact is – Soros may give money to and for the causes he believes in, but that’s about it. On the otherhand, the Koch Brothers are political activists … or more like political extremeists. They, on their own, pretty well put a lot of politicians in office – governors – state houses – and federal House and Senate offices.

    We’ve pretty well all heard about our having the best $-government-$ that money can buy – well, it’s true. We point to and complain about our elected representatives (oxymoron), yet many are no more than puppets. The real problem is the puppet-masters.

  4. R e q u e s t – for – i n f o r m a t i o n: A number of people used to post in the Opinions Section of the Lake News. While all were interesting, a few come to mind, and it would be interesting to see if any of you might be interested in being a part fo something that’s in the works.. Some of the posters that come to mind are:

    – JustDucky
    – Sundown
    – ozarkhogsknr (spelling?)

    and others. Don’t take it personally if I failed to include your login name – my memory is limited.

    If you are interested – simply post your thoughts and/or questions here. You can make a difference.

    Hope to hear from you.

    Reply ↓

  5. I’ve always been amazed at how each among us, myself included, seem to feel that we know enough about politics and the intricacies of what it takes to keep “our ship afloat”. Well, the fact is, we don’t. It’s that simple. So, you might ask, what’s a person like me going to do about the problems that seem to plague our current structure of government. The answer is easier than you might think. A little (more like a lot) of time and some effort, and things will begin to change.

    Change will have to come in two forms. 1) an awareness and prioritization of issues that caused the problems, and 2) finding and supporting candidates that will fight them … our candidates.

    Our political landscape has changed, and, many would agree, not for the better.. So, what changed and how did it come about? That’s easy … the wrong people are calling the shots … the 2% or less run the system for the 98% or more of us. Our nation was meant to provide for the majority – a majority rule, but the minority have clearly taken issue with that founding principle, and redirected it to places it was never meant to be.

    If you honestly feel that our nation took a wrong turn at some point, read on. The following will give you an overview of what’s wrong and what has to change to make us a nation of majority rule – As intended in our Constitution.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Frequently Asked Questions
    = = = =
    What would be the immediate effect of revoking corporate personhood?
    = = = =
    The only immediate effect of revoking corporate personhood, either at the state level or by the Supreme Court, would be to cause the legal status of corporations to revert back to that of artificial entities. (We should refuse to use the old terminology of artificial persons.) They could still be represented in courts by attorneys and would be subject to the law and taxation.

    However, a whole body of Supreme Court decisions would have to be re-examined. The ability of States, when granting or renewing corporate charters, to restrict harmful activities of corporations would be greatly enhanced. New legislation to protect the environment, workers, small businesses, and consumers could be enacted without worrying that it would be struck down by the Supreme Court.

    = = = =
    How would small businesses be affected?
    = = = =
    Small, incorporated businesses would become artificial entities under the law. Most small businesses have gained no meaningful advantage from corporate personhood. Small businesses do not have the kind of money it takes to corrupt the political process that large corporations have. Small businesses would be better situated to protect their interests since laws favoring local businesses over national and international corporations would become legal.

    = = = =
    If corporations can’t lobby, how can they get laws that are fair to them?
    = = = =
    Revoking corporate personhood would not immediately prevent corporations from lobbying, but it would allow laws to be passed (and enforced) that would restrict corporate lobbying and campaign contributions. If a state legislature or Congress is considering legislation that affects a particular industry they would be able to hold hearings and interrogate corporate representatives. If a corporation feels its needs a change in the laws, not for its own profits but in order to insure competition or public safety, it could petition the legislature to hold such a hearing.
    = = = =
    What about past harms done by corporate personhood?
    = = = =
    That is an interesting question with no certain answer. The Constitution prohibits ex post facto laws (laws that punish for deeds committed before the law was written), and properly so. However, revoking corporate personhood does not create an ex post facto law. It may be possible to force corporations to rectify damage they did to the environment during the era of corporate personhood.
    = = = =
    Would the media lose its freedom of the press and free speech?
    = = = =
    The ruling that corporate ads on political and social issues is free speech could be overturned, but the corporate media would continue to have freedom of the press. New legislation would be needed to restrict corporations to ownership of a single radio or TV station, newspaper, or magazine and to insure that individual and non-corporate voices could be heard as well.
    = = = =
    How will revoking corporate personhood affect non-profit corporations?
    = = = =
    Non-profit corporations would continue to operate as the artificial entities that they are. However, it would be possible to restrict for-profit corporations from working for corporate interests.
    = = = =
    Why don’t unions have corporate personhood?
    = = = =
    Unions don’t have corporate personhood, even though they are also, legally, artificial entities, because unions have never fought to get it. Unions have largely avoided the court system, correctly seeing it as the home court of their enemies.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    So, with that said, what’s next? The one single problem with our governments inabilities to function rest in it being pulled apart by special interests … not you and I, but those who are now directing our government to legislate on their behalf = The Corporations. And no, they are not people. The people who run them are, and they are blinded by their own greed.

    Stay tuned – Check back – things are happening. You can be a part of something bigger.

    The WandrinStar

  6. Paul ,,,

    Good luck at tomorrow’s hearings. You can take heart in knowing that you are not alone in feeling how you feel … some things are becoming painfully clear. When law enforcement takes aim to dispense justice, to suit their own ends, people need to stand together.

    Remember – the arresting officers tend to hold the trump cards … and a judge has to recognize them. Let’s hope for the best/.

  7. Paul … good luck at your hearing. Remember, the arresting officer(s) hold the trump cards, and a judge will recognize them, Take comfort in knowing that a lot of people are seeing – first hand – what you are saying. Law enforcement was not meant to serve as a tribunal, dispensing justice to serve ends not disclosed.

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