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13 thoughts on “Contact Us

    • Ed – Open Secrets has been one of my refenences since it began. On the otherhand, Wed of Debt is new to me, and I thank you for providing that link and reference. Knowedlge is something we get in bits and pieces. It’s where we get those bits and pieces from, and how we assemble them, that makes us who and what we are.

      Thanks again.

  1. Paul,

    Your Twitter site seems to be attempting to energize people to stand up . . . . but, for what?

    “The time has come to stand. Solidarity. Unity. People. The time to stand is now.
    Corporations own it ???????????????
    They own our courts. They own our President. They own Congress.
    They own the media.
    They do NOT serve us, they serve their corporate employers.
    We do NOT have to wait for an election to stop them.”

    Actually, Paul . . . . , people did stand up for Conservative Principles in 2010 as we elected 60+ conservatives to Congress and another 600+ Conservatives to Local and State governments throughout the USA.. It’s an old tired approach . . .Voting works . . . our Founders knew it would work if the populace woke up in time!

    We’ll add additional Conservatives November 6th and when we capture the Senate we can work our nation out of the depression we’re currently have. It actually is simple; i.e., reduce/eliminate regulations that hinder our economy, produce energy and food products that the world is in dire need of . . . . export them for real cash.

    This creates jobs, tax revenue and incentive to excise more wasteful government spending; i.e., Departments of EPA, Energy, Education, IRS (replace with Fair Tax), etc.

    What are you actually attempting to accomplish by asking “solidarity and Unity”. I really don’t understand what you want Americans to do – – Voting is the built-in solution.

    You seem to blame Corporations as the culprit . . . . . do you have any proof of this assertion . . . . if that is your assertion?

    Lake of the Ozarks

    • Rich,

      First, thanks for taking the time to both read and comment on the site. It is always nice to hear from a neighbor.

      To answer your first question, stand up for ourselves and our rights. Rich, even you would have to admit that the people you sent to Congress aren’t acting in your intrest. They have joined in with the corporate President in an unpreceidented attempt to undo the Constitution.

      In many entries on this site, you will find the case I make for my assertions, backed by reference when possible. We are in danger, the citizens of the United States of America, of Missouri, of Camden County, by a neo-liberal economic agenda that the politicians and corporations and courts in charge of our governemnt are setting us on.

      No rules for business, the people on the other hand….

      ‘Wasteful government spending’ is language used to describe the agencies that once formed a regulatory system that was the envy of modern nations, designed to contain the psychopathic thinking of the Corporation and the never-ending profit motive.

      The corporate politicians have now given Big Oil everything they want and what are you paying for gas?

      What I was asking for, at the time I wrote those words, was Occupy Wall Street, I guess. As for why they are necessary, Rich, I would say this:

      Our own local newspaper recently asked a question about voter apathy and let me if I can kill two birds with one stone. When we hear a constant, particular point of view, with articles, editorials, even LANGUAGE, used in such a fashion as to assume a particular result and stance of bias, we are in danger as a society. That’s when the media has stopped serving US. We tune out, we turn off. We don’t show up as evidenced by the fact that these primary and caucus are the lowest ever. People don’t think there’s a choice and they are right. Wall Street owns both sides, ultimately.

      Replacing the IRS with a Fair Tax will screw most of us. There are some of you who think it couldn’t possibly affect you and, to you, I offer the FERC/Ameren dispute. Those folks didn’t think it would either. But when those taxes are assessed at the store on your food, or your electric bill like in Greece this past winter, or your medicine, it will finally catch up to them too.

      The proof I offer, Rich, is all around you.

  2. Paul,

    You still seem to ramble around a lot without any solution.

    The single reason the Congress is not responding to America’s plight is because of lack of positive leadership . . . . there is too much negative leadership!

    Harry Reed is sitting on over two dozen jobs bills the House passed and over 1,000 days without Federal budget . . . . all the total fault of the Democrat Party.

    The current hot topic seems to be the “War on Women” which is a bogus concept, bolstered by bogus polling data, perpetuated by the bogus lame stream media and constantly endorsed by the Democratic Party. Women are simply too smart to believe this bogus war!

    The president has gone out of his way to enable restrictive regulations that keep our economic engine from doing what it is designed to do; i.e., create wealth and create jobs.

    The only way to solve this impasse is (1) at the Voting booth or (2) overthrow of the current regime . . . . the latter seems to be your methodology, while the former did work in 2008 and will work in 2012, if voters wake up in time?

    The folks we sent to Congress (around 60) are only about 10% (still, only a minority in the Senate) of the decision makers. They (probably not all) have stood up for the concept of Constitutional Conservatism, but they do not control the Senate, where everything STOPS.

    Wait till after the election in November . . . . as we will send (my guess) around 100 more Constitutional Conservatives to Washington, deCeit.

    This will be enough folks to reverse obama’s direction of DOWN THE DRAIN, to restoring our economy.which will enable everything else; i.e., jobs, freedom, tax revenue and paying down the enormous national debt.

    Corporations have enabled you to go to school, buy pencil and paper, live in a house, run a website, buy groceries and gasoline, etc. If you are so upset with “corporations” it would seem you would vote with your feet; i.e., spend your dollars elsewhere.

    The FERC/Ameren issue will affect ALL property owners, within miles of the Lake as property values will decline; i.e, what used to be 100 foot of “owned” lake frontage will hence-forward be less . . . . lake front footage is a prime metric in pricing property that is on the lake.

    The only reason you hear a “constant and particular point of view” is that folks with opposing points of view do not put their beliefs and feelings to paper. The newspaper will publish them.

    A primary reason people live at the Lake is that people with similar interests and beliefs live here; i.e., I would guess, over 80% of the population is Conservative?


  3. A – r e s p o n s e – to: Rich Knoch’s post from April 13, 2012:

    Rich: You asked if Paul has any proof that corporations are the culprits. Well, sometimes the proof can be had by simply seeing what’s there … a sort of “can`t see the forest for the trees” kind of thing. Many people are now aware that a few very wealthy people are dominating and reshaping our political landscape. Sure, we vote for our individual candidates – but do we know who they really are, or what their agenda is?

    One of the “culprits” that I would point to are The Koch Brothers – they are not only wealthy beyond our understanding, they are political activists – activists to the extreme. Many of the candidates that we wind up voting for are people that we either never heard of, or that were groomed and backed by special interests.

    Yes, Rich, I could go on and on … but that fills in enough blanks that we begin to get the idea. Follow the money … an old saying, but never more true. It’s all floating to the top – and less and less is “trickling down”. That’s a fact – the wealthy power-brokers are rigging the game.

    Did you know that the “Financial Stability Act of 2010”, or the Dodd-Frank Act, had over 2,000 pages of matter in the final bill. What’s even more disturbing is that over 3,600 lobbyists signed up to lobby that bill.
    = = = = =

    More than 720 clients focused some of their third-quarter lobbying on the financial reform bill, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

    And in the first nine months of this year 3,659 lobbyists worked for companies that explicitly lobbied on the Dodd-Frank bill, compared to 2,375 in the whole of last year, according to the Center’s OpenSecrets blog:
    = = = = =

    That isn’t even the tip of the iceberg – not even a spec of dust on a desert landscape. We are – more than ever – moving towards an Oligarchy.

    We hear about the 99 or 98% vs. the 1 or 2%, but the fact is, far less than 1% of our population control most of our political structure.

  4. Paul … since you took the time and made the effort to make a statement that I disagree with, I will ask that you sunstntiate it. Here’s your statement – presented as fact:

    “Harry Reed is sitting on over two dozen jobs bills the House passed and over 1,000 days without Federal budget . . . . all the total fault of the Democrat Party”

    I know of no such bills – none whatsoever. What I do know is what are claimed to be job creating acts and curbs to existing structure that, in enacted, are said to create jobs. But that’s simply wha tthey say … no basis in fact.

    So – I take a jobs bill to be a unique piece of legislation that is measured and calculated in such a was as to spur job growth, or create and maintain jobs. With that said – Can you provide the House or Senate Bill Numbers to substantiate your statement? The reason I ask is because I have heard the statement made countless numbers of times – all in the same frame.

    You see – removing EPA regulations to free money for businessses to grow does not create jobs. That’s the kind of thing that Ried is sitting on.

    • John, thanks for the comments. Would you direct me to that statement, please? I am afraid Ive written many pieces and cannot recall that particular statement. Thank you. Also, my original work is listed under the Articles and Opinions catagory. My better half has suggested I change this catagory, in order to find those pieces easier.

        • Rich …. p l e a s e …

          I followed your link – read each of those so called jobs bills. Funny thing – there were no jobs bills. Each and every – as expecdted – is an attempt to modify existing structure to provide gains for the business sector. What’s even worse, not a single request has any structure to compel job growht – none whatsoever.

          A jobs bill is something that is – by its very nature – aimed at creating jobs, or compelling job growth.

          • Rich … it’s been a while, and I am still waiting for the HR bill numbersa that represent any effort whatsoever on behalf of the Republicans to pass a jobs bill. They are the controlling party – such legislation was meant to stem from the House. In fadt, name any major legislation that they Republican party has passed since Obama has taken office – any. And please, provide the bill number.

            P.S. I’ve leanred not to hold my breath.

      • There are two areas in my post that require an apology.

        1) typos, and

        2) that my post starts as if intended for Paul, where in fact it was meant for a prior post placed by Rich Knoch

        Sorry my bad.

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