Common Core and #HB1490

The following is a collection of articles and reports from American Spring on Common Core in Missouri and the ongoing process of developing standards for the state, as set forth by #HB1490.

‘Occupy Common Core’ attempts to dispel the myth that only ‘ultra-conservative’, right wingers are opposed to Common Core in our schools. The coalition is much broader than that…for good reason.

‘DESE and the Hijacking of #HB1490’ is an inside look at the process of developing standards for the state of Missouri. We take a look at the coup performed by DESE over the Missouri State Legislature and their attempts to manufacture ‘consensus’ for their views.

‘View Inside the Coup’ is a round table discussion of parents on the coup DESE is attempting over our legislatures by bypassing and ignoring #HB1490 with regard to the work groups who are supposed to develop standards for Missouri schools. It is hosted on Guerrilla Radio with American Spring, part of the American Spring media network. You can listen to Guerrilla Radio Monday thru Friday, from noon until two daily or listen to past episodes in our archives.

‘Contentious Start’ is a piece done by Missouri Public Radio, featuring an interview with Paul Ellison, parent representative in one of the #HB1490 work groups, as well as other representatives, discussing the rough start to these groups.

‘Why I Walked’ is an article, that was shared with members of our work group to offer insight as to my decision to boycott a process that was rigged from inception.

‘Rural Missouri Schools Can’t Give Grades’ is a brief look at the Stover school district and the challenges students and teachers face as a result of the implementation of the Common Core standards.

‘Aiding and Abetting’ is a call to the parent representatives in all work groups established by #HB1490. In it, we look at what it means to participate in work sessions that are being conducted outside the parameters of the law itself. There is a responsibility in making such a choice and parents and teachers standing in opposition to Common Core, intentionally or not, are giving an illegitimate process legitimacy.


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