Child Trafficking and Missouri Schools: The Investigation

Late in 2013, Guerrilla Radio with American Spring and Citizens for a Better Camden County launched a joint investigation into the disturbing cases of Kyle and Nicole Lagares.

Nicole Lagares

Nicole Lagares

What began as a look at the use of a charge of ‘educational neglect’ in the Camdenton school district in October of 2010 has evolved into a much more complex story.

Kyle Lagares

Kyle Lagares

The Lagares family’s story is the new American Horror Story.

Part One of this investigation, ‘Suffer the Children’, revealed Kyle and Nicole’s shocking recent history. Signs of neglect and abuse of all varieties present themselves and a pattern of behavior is established by their mother, Amanda Rollins and her boyfriend, Patrick Colgan.

An equally concerning pattern is seen in the involvement of lawyers Ruth Schulte and Barbara VanTine in regards to the Lagares children. Their actions, from the outset, seem to foreshadow what was to come…

‘The Skeleton Key’ is Part Two of this investigation. In it, we look back at 2010. An Order of Protection was issued for Nicole, she was placed on the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s web site and a search was conducted by various local law enforcement agencies and DFS.

The Camden County Sheriff Department, who began the alert process, then absconded their duty in enforcing the Order of Protection, overriding a Judge’s authority. They did not take Nicole into protective custody, even though they were ordered by the court to do so.

We also look at the beginning of the 2012-2013 school year in Lebanon. Within minutes of being enrolled by Denny in the Lebanon school district, an email was circulated identifying the family as a target for the Director of Special Programs, Tammy Lupardus. Unknown to Denny, Lupardus was a long time enemy of his family. Lupardus even went so far as to file a lawsuit against relatives of the Lagares’. She finally had an opportunity to carve her own pound of flesh…

Also, be sure to read two recent updates in the ongoing Lagares saga. First is grandmother Sherry’s appeal to intercede as a custodian for the children. Second is the case Ginger Lagares now faces as a result of this siege of an American family.

After releasing the first part of this investigation, Patrick Colgan, live-in boyfriend of mother Amanda Rollins, made contact with American Spring. That exchange can be found here.

On February 7, 2014, the Lagares family filed a federal lawsuit under the argument ‘color of law’. The complaint and list of Defendants can be found here.

Audio tapes of a meeting with Lebanon school staff and the Lagares family can be found here, in ‘In Sheep’s Clothing’. These audio tapes were also played, in their entirety, on Guerrilla Radio with American Spring.

‘The Dark Side of Data Sharing’: Audio recordings reveal the depth and magnitude, not only of data sharing through schools, DFS, family courts and private citizens, but how that data can and has been manipulated.

A police report was falsified in order to fabricate a case against a parent…

Lebanon pd report John Payne download

Audio recordings of the events described in this police report clearly prove the false claim and the cop who wrote the report is questioned about it here. He answers in ‘His Own Words’

Audio recordings from inside Laclede County DFS reveal corruption and a ruthless agenda. DFS Agent Amy Killion ignores mountains of evidence, hotline calls made against the mother by outside parties and the children’s own words in order to continue to leave the Lagares children in a questionable environment…

As the Lagares family continue to face legal battles, they uncovered the improper appointment of Guardians for not only their children, but ALL children in the 26th Judicial District. Unqualified attorneys have been regularly appointed to act as protectors of children, yet, as this investigation reveals, these appointments are in violation of the Missouri State Supreme Court.

‘Gal Fraud, Judge Removal Begin Lagares Trial’

‘Unqualified GAL Submits Bill: Extortion 101’

‘Motion on GAL Appointment’

In May of 2014, Guerrilla Radio with American Spring ran exclusive audio that clearly shows the Lebanon PD, in conjunction and at the direction of the Lebanon school district, manufactured a police report accusing Denny Lagares of a crime he simply did not commit. The proof can be found at approximately the 1 hour and 15 minute mark of the broadcast.


9 thoughts on “Child Trafficking and Missouri Schools: The Investigation

  1. Wow what will you have to pay these kids and adults that you are lying about. I guess you don’t think how this will effect the kids. Putting there names and pictures on here exploiting kids. Shame on you! Hopefully you find God and he will forgive what you have done to these kids and to Patrick and Amanda. Just reading this I can tell you have some major mental issues.

    • If the father had got the help he asked for and if the children had not been treated like they didn’t matter none of this would of happened so no not shame on the father Shame on you for acting like money is more important than children

    • Obviously Mr Jerry long is a friend of the mother or he would not defend such monsters may the mom and her abusive boyfriend find god


  2. I’m here because American Spring reblogged one of my other posts (Abolishing Government Through Executive Order) — there are two pages. Please read, the ability to do this to target anyone, decades ago.

    My topics aren’t quite like this but school issue was usd against me (a mother) claiming I’d not enrolled them, when I obviously had, and also lying on police reports to sanitize it. IT was obvious they wanted my kids in foster care, although I’m myself a competent parent, with at that time decades of having dealt with teaching children in all kinds of venues and adults, without problems. My children were also above academic level, articulate, sociable, and at that time headed on the track for a scholarship towards college, which would be the only way to get them there, based on their already proven longsuits.

    They’d never on my watch been deprived of WEEKLY and HOLIDAY and SUMMER visitation with their father, and more, although I separated because of violence in the home. Overnight, and without cause, they were ripped out of my household as still young women (13 and 14) AND out of the school, and dropped into the middle of the largest school system in the entire metropolitan area. Dad cut off contact immediately, and I have recently learned, someone put one of my kids into YEARS of therapy trying to convince her she was a special education case; she is NOT the same individual I knew and lived with, and gave birth to — at her core, I believe so. The other one is completely alienated, and both minors were abandoned not too long after getting their mother out of their lives, and taking me OUT as the more stable working parent. …. I have no abusive boyfriends around (I stayed single), and I have no drugs involved, no criminal record, etc. NO MATTER.

    I am today (while writing this) dealing with the possibility that one of my daughters, now an adult for some years, is STILL being trafficked. I have set up a public petition not on her behalf, but on mine, to get free from the individuals involved, two of who are my relatives. My blog, that was reposted here, stems from that horrible experience.

    Seeing this post (I haven’t clicked on links yet, and I have PTSD kicking in today, so am concerned about the trauma trigger — but I will come back) I am reminded how NO school system EVER did ANYthing to prevent this situation, although they had evidence. I am reminded just how intimidating it is to have armed sheriffs with guns deliver my children to a man with an unknown address (the current on was recently found, by the same sherriff’s department, to be defunct) and his girlfriend who had refused to also give me — at this time the sole physical custody mother and, since their birth, primary caretaker of my kids — her address. There were many, many issues and looking back, we have to conclude that there was a deal going between the criminal law enforcement side (simply refusing to enforce, as you mention hre) and the social services side (who were about to reap some benefits) and the courts (ditto) and whatever therapist was hired under my kids’ EIN# to help convince her, her problems were a mental disability — and not the trauma she’d just been through and mistreatment she ALSO was subject to years afterwards, living in the household of a non-relative girlfriend of her father’s who had kicked the Dad out (when he refused to finish divorcing me, and marry her instead — which would be her 3rd marriage), and all the related religious groups involved in refusing to lift a hand either, though they WERE asked…

    All of these institutions and entities (law enforcement, courts ,social services, and schools too) are government institutions. Many people simply dont realize that the public schools are special districts under the US Census of Governments. Like all entitites — there is a budget, and there are off-budget holdings producing enough funds to sustain operations, without continuing to tax and oppress the ordinary people…. I have links on my blog, but that info (the generic to your particulars), see walter burien’s writing, the most sound analysis around, still. The huge stack of wealth available attracts crooks, in my opinion.

    That’s all I can say for now. I find EVERY DAY more and more evidence of how our entire public institutions are geared to profit from trafficking children through those institutions. Where I can help stop that is — I have simple ways to track the funding and can teach others, as well as identifying and naming some of the major groups (when it comes to families and children) and their tactics. It is about aligning the courts, justice systems, mental health systems, prisons, psychiatric institutions (where all else fails, ahve someone committed), and centralizing “psyche” as alternative to the obviously punitive “throw ’em in jail’ tactics which are drawing negative press, although plenty of that going around also. There are prominent cases of tossing attorneys handcuffed into jail without cause, let alone the people they are representing. Some are thrown in jail OR THREATENED WITH IT for not paying the GAL fees (whether or not they can) attorneys’ fees, CHILD SUPPORT, etc. . . but at the same time, far more egregious cases of unpaid fees are allowed to go free.

    it is set to where it could target anyone. Your statement in this post about a certain family (not just individual) having been a personal target of someone in power, rings true.

    The nonviolent way to handle this requires a consensus, but a smart one. i wish I were a better or smarter person, and could’ve put this into the hand of OCCUPY protestors — but I’ve been personally swamped for years on survival issues. Poverty through (economic assault and battery) is a form of enslavement and silencing dissent. It’s very effective — not in completely silencing, but in making people who speak from that position, sound illogical.

    I have a phrase I use, “the cult of the experts,” and write about that, too. Our country has been conditioned (literally, engineered) to respect people with PhD after their name, or dependent on their resume. On looking at who’s been funding certain ones recently (a sociologist ensconced at UPennsylvania) after about 10 years of straight government (mostly HHS, then it was I guess HEW) funding, it went to private.

    I looked closer and discovered again the group “NCCD” (national council on crime and delinquency) which goes back 100 years, to order treatment for people who violate social norms, as juveniles (youth) do, a lot. ….. They then have a circular process going on, where it pays more to study traumatized or “maltreated” children then to stop the abuse. Maltreated children are a commodity…….

    NCCD is trying to globally align justice systems, and owns trademarked software (I’ve seen at least four program so far) to track ALL foster kids in care, to standardize decision-making. They have been taking money from governments in Canada and Australia (and a few other places) from “Ft. Peck Montana” (any idea why?), WI, MI, IL, FL, etc. while being a CALIFORNIA (in that version) corporation. They are actually a NYS corporation with offices in DC, Wisconsin and California. This is handy when attempting to pretend the left hand (as independent contractor) is actually independent from the right hand (as nonprofit grants-getter). They make their money from both multiple grants (as I mentioned above) AND from charging public agencies (child welfare, adult protection/probation, etc.) and they either are, or are gearing up for also selling this to school systems — which apparently our classrooms are turning into war zones, so a teacher needs some actuarial backup to make a judgment call on when to refer (Kids for Cash, etc.).

    As you can see, I have a lot to say. I will be back. Again, I’m recommending pull the plug on programs that encourage fraud — but that includes waking up common people to their need to understand government operations.

    Meanwhile case after case after case is going to continue taking place, like this one, above.

    Thanks for re-blogging my post. I wanted to come by and make sure it wasn’t at any place advocating violence (I’ve had enough of that in my own lifetime), and to mention that economic assault and battery, obviously ,works on parents ,and possibly it could be reversed for use on money-laundering and child-trafficking operations. Notice I said, perHAPS….

    People that are low enough to traffic children are also low enough to run drugs, I don’t imagine they are far apart when one or the other shows up.

    I think your readers might like to read the Rodney Stich account at He must be about 90, a federal aviation inspector whose job was to investigate and train to prevent major airline disasters at a time when they were happening. This includes Lockerbie, 9/11 etc. It seems HE was targeted because of reporting USDOJ and FBI corruption, and the means to target him was family court.

    I only know (and this is on my table of contents page, under “CDRC — Mandatory Mediation” title as I recall, it’s an entry with a lot of abstract text on it) about that site because I was looking up the founder of a prominent family law related “Northern California Mediation Center” which programming is at the core of custody policy nationwide… I looked up the name of the ONE person who founded this group in about 1978, and found Stich ahd called it an FBI/CIA front. etc.

    I am in some tough straits here also (yes, my family was targeted for dissection and elimination — there were four in my household. They are now in four different places. My own mother, who lived to 87, was subjected to the process in the final years o her life, I right now and looking at the stripping of her assets (she was a widow, long-time) in the years before my own sister took control of funds I’d need to live on, obviously (after all the family court battles) when she died in 2010. Four years later, I have been reduced to, and kept on, food stamps DESPITE having obtained work during this time. I do not know where my own mothers’ ashes are, or were scattered (was not able to safely attend her memorial service) despite asking repeatedly. My father was a well-known person in the field whose work laid the groundwork for Silicon Valley; he died within a week of turning 65 — unexpectedly.

    My sister and brother-in-law have been expert at holding me in place (it’s a siege, literally) such that I cannot get to one of my daughters who, it seems, fled the area in 2012. I now am more than concerned that she was instead just trafficked. She’s an adult, but still young and was deprived of proper family support throughout high school, except for (I can name at least three) sociopaths involved…

    I would appreciate anyone who can get over to my blog, there is a DONATE button, and small amounts will indeed help. I am housed, but without funds for transportation (which is a safety issue) or to get away from what is NOT a safe place to live. Working on that on, through a public petition, a way to get this particular sister out of my life, and get to a better place (including being stil around for my young adult children, should they want to regain a relationship. FYI, the daughter above I mention, had already begun that process (2013) when some really bad things started happening around here– car vandalisms, stalking (while I was working) household INDOOR cats dying mysteriously (3 in one year), and things that simply do not make sense. I switched out (traded in) a very decent car at the time (a true rarety in my life past decades; most of my life i’ve not even owned cars)…. and the other one has had boundary violations (people have been IN while I was in a public place, doing some business –obviously I write, but one time, it was only parked 20 minutes, locked. The most recent events, I believe I was supposed to know –there is a paint fingerprint on the cup holder, which was broken (it wasn’t before). I got photos, but as the police wouldn’t stop my kids from being stolen, have already improperly towed one car from in front of my home ,and don’t deal with the stalking issues, I generally don’t report any more. Up through 2013 I was still trying to. (Sidebar has a Donation button, but blog has over 600 posts and good links to other information, as described). I am getting some help, but not enough to keep services on, to resign from food stamps, or to be beyond literally just enough to get out of the home and stay there most of every day, and come home again late at night.

    See petition:

    Petition site. I’m not “Jean Pfann” I’m Victoria, the person who wrote it. Self-explanatory. The out of state signatures help, as my friends and long-term witnesses sometimes also suffer retaliation, not to mention burn-out. The last signer (#56) is someone who has known the situation for years. So are a few of the others, but people directly involved in my case, or local, are not willing to risk. Religious people generally won’t (you’re supposed to just get along with everyone, and this is tantamount to “going to law with unbelievers,”…. In short, it requires them to make a decision…. Signatures can be anonymous. I don’t need tons, but a few more would indicate there are some eyes on my situation, which is its purpose.

    I will be back to the site. The white on black format looks good.

    Want to make it clear again, I’m not advocating violence, I’m exposing it. I also FYI expose the “Domestic VIolence” movement, which had purposes of saving lives but has become (or for sure now is, literally, a cartel. There is a parallel one on the other side, promoting marriage/fatherhood. TOGETHER, these comprise a “Good Cop/Bad Cop” distractions.

    Physical, property damage, and stealing kids — is for economic purposes and economic violence, unjustified is still effective. it may take longer, but it’s widespread, and less obvious, and it prevents anyone subject to it from functioning to their fullest capacity in any community while they deal with it. This is what the family courts and child custody system can do to any family and do do to the communities they live in.

    Check out upcoming blog on NCCD” as I mentioned above more where that came from.


    • Through the Family First Prevention Services Act of 2016 the federal money that incentisizes foster care through SSA title IVe will be diverted to ONLY in home services. Institutional olden can only be for 2 weeks max tog stabilize so the billion dollar foster care industry will collapse as it should! This bill HR5456 passed the house overwhelming and now is in the Senate S3065 where 97 senators are in agreement and we have 3 holdouts on this bill becoming law with the president signature. The 3 senators are CA-Boxer WY-Enzi and the worse one is TX-Cornyn because he won’t even take any phonecalls about it or day why he is against which make me feel that he profits from fraudulent foster care. Please help in this effort by calling those 3 and demanding that our children mean more than money and belong with their families!

  3. I Anthony Fiorella was in a fake jury. Trial with fake appeal warrensburg put in jail with sis closed seal files from 96 stole my 3 children same art was children’s and in 2007 stole Kelly sue Fiorella on paper did not abduct her till 2012jan 31 she was kidnapped taken out of state to Texas in sckoil military with forged mothers signature lawyers said forgery is a mistimeanor in a certain class

  4. Jerry Long, you are ignorant to the cause, obviously. Do not evolve it into stupidity, please. You can not fix that! Look at the evidence & listen to the recordings, Jerry. I know both families & I tell you the Lagares’s are a class act with integrity & are in a fight for justice & safety for THEIR CHILDREN & Amanda & Patrick are the lesser desirables, putting it mildly. They are DANGER to the Largares children, Kyle & Nicole. Trust me when I tell you all the courts & the CPS & school system have it in for the Lagare’s because they were schooled many years before this in a discrimination case against Denny, Kyle & Nicole’s daddy which they WON. More over, corruption has went undetected far too long in OUR family court systems, CPS & Human Resource system. The Dept. of Justice needs to clean up their non governing mess. The children deserve justice & safety & nothing less! Families are suffering & being discriminated against because business as usual in all family courts, especially against the Legares’s in Camden County Court. My prayers are for you & with you all for the reunification process to ignite for you & Kyle & Nicole now, Lagares family!❤️

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