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By The Dying Fire

We are standing here, like Revolutionary soldiers next to a dying fire on the eve of battle.  We have felt the weight of our responsibilies on our shoulders, we have felt their noose as it has begun to tighten, choking off a way of life.  We have seen first hand, tyranny’s black hand draw closer and closer into a fist.  We have watched as our will, the will of the people, has been exchanged in a series of back room deals by unscrupulous politicians and dirty benefactors.  We have watched as the illusion of democracy has begun to fade like a distant dream.  It knows no bounds.  It is blind to party alignment.

There is a prevailing sense of calm around our campfire.  One look around and you will see weariness.  You will also see resolve, enthusiasm and determination.  We know the feelings of our forefathers, when the winds of change began to blow.  We know ours is a long road.  The way is hard.  Seldom is the right path the easy one.

There have been defeats.  Despite best intentions, there have been failures.  Though they discourage us, they do not define us.

Our cause is righteous.  It is just.  It is good.  From that noble cause comes the cold, uniquely American steel in which we are all formed.  All of us, each citizen, have a birthright that is also uniquely American.  Whatever we have become, whatever has been done in our names, behind closed doors, Americans are born of rebel blood.  Revolution is our birth right.  It is our greatest legacy.  Patriots, of different backgrounds, religions and beliefs joined together against a tyrannical government.  Against taxation without representation.  Our Founding Fathers’ shrugged off the chains of oppression, the machinations of power and gave full throated voice to their cause.  They knew it was better to die free than to live as a subject.

Through defeat comes understanding and from that understanding, confidence.  Confidence that we will defend our common ground with a common purpose against common threats.

I have made mistakes.  I have lashed out against those who would seek to protect our children from initiatives such as Common Core.  I did so without better understanding what the three school board members were standing in opposition to.  I did so without taking the time to pay attention.  I was guilty of ignoring what was right in front of me.  For that and for shouting ‘obstructionist’ without being better educated, I am truly sorry.  I acted no better than those I seek to hold accountable.  I was looking at the world through partisan glasses.

To Laura Martin, I apologize.  While I appreciate the more concice nature of a lantern, we need you in the sunshine.  I apologize for any blisters I may have caused you and your family. To Mr. Beckett and Mr. B, I offer my humble apologies as well.  I was wrong.

From that defeat however, the most glorious rebirth.  From those losses suffered during a bloody election battle, we have found that we stand back to back.  From these lessons, we have learned and, we have learned well.

Those of us who would stand together on this smoky battlefield are unbeatable.  We are undeniable.  We the people, the 99%.  Together, in this place, at this time, we are righteous in our anger and we embrace its fury.

Forces are gathering against us, we know them all too well.  We know their tools, of intimidation, of desperation.  We understand that they will bring them to bear.  It justifies our actions, replaces our fears and trepidations with the fire of purpose.  It allows us to stand here together, against all odds.  The same as it was for the Founders, it is for us.  Those of us who would stand together, under one banner, for one cause are united.  United as one, divided by zero.  Invincible against those who would seek to take our liberties and our way of life.

Those of us who would stand together, to fight for our freedoms and our children, understand the ideas expressed by the Forefathers.  Liberty or death.  Patriots dissent. Those who would give away security for liberty deserve neither.  We understand we are out-gunned and out-financed.  We know it doesn’t matter.  This is about all of us.  It isn’t about them.  We know that now. We have seen behind the curtain.  We know the truth.

If we can stand together, we cannot fail.

We clad ourselves in the armor of our loved ones, we put down our banners.  We pick up our swords.  We fulfill our birthright and bring about a revolution in thinking.  A revolution of knowledge.  A revolution built on truth.  A revolution of understanding.

The time to stand is now.