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Mr. Keim’s “unintentional” plagiarism “I think not”

Mr. Keim’s “unintentional” plagiarism “I think not”

From Keith Broekemeier:

Mr. Keim said that he has talked to other board members, staff and other leaders in the community and have used their words to guide him in his life and campaign. It would have been easier for you just to say that you are under the guidance of the LACC.
Is it really so hard for you to articulate 250 of your own words on what kind of board member you would be? Instead you try and pass off Mrs. Susan Rountree’s work as your own. What does that say about your character and the lack of effort you put towards the question. If you are truly sorry then why haven’t you apologized on your Facebook page
I’ve notice that every other article that put’s you in good light is on there, even the plagiarized one. Not one word stating that you are sorry to your supporters for what you have done, because what it comes down to is the only thing you are sorry about is the fact that you got caught.
I find it shocking that so many members of the LACC have been elected to the School Board and further more to City positions. I would start to wonder what exactly the intentions of the LACC are in the community. You can bet on a out pour from the LACC to come to the defense of Mr. Keim. Just look at the Lake News online Facebook page.
The LACC only need one more member to get elected to the Board to have a majority of the vote. That way they can do as they please. I would ask the community, do you really want the LACC making the choices for your kids education? I would hope not. Their agenda is simple. They want you and your kids to think the way they do and they will do anything in their power to make that happen. If you don’t think this is true, then why do they run for just about any position that comes up to for election?
See Mr. Keim it’s not so hard to write 250 of your own words when you are passionate about something. What a shining example you and the LACC are for our community. “I think not”.
Keith Broekemeier
Gravois Mills

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