The Naked Truth

The Naked Truth

November 17, International Day of Action

Protestors march across the Brooklyn Bridge. Reliable, consistent estimates have the crowd placed at approximately 32,000.

November 17th was a success, despite what you may have heard.  Today, many of us are forced to look at things in a slightly different way.  Some of that comes as a result of seeing how many people turned out for the day’s actions across the country.  Part, from watching as our police used tactics we have seen on the news in other parts of the world, including Egypt (whose people are back Occupying Tahrir Square and Alexandria because the military will not release control of the country to the people and are the same oppressors who were in power under Mubarak). Still more of our changed perspective is due to the fact that we can see that as the unconstitutional ‘super committee’ nears its deadline, in a tired continuation of the ‘crisis by invention’ strategy the government seems to have adopted in conjunction with the television networks, the first wave of our American Austerity is about to come into effect.  The ‘automatic triggers’ they just began reporting on, are set to gut our social safety nets as austerity is enforced.  The debt weapon is being leveled at us and as is always the case, perspective changes when you are staring down the barrel of a gun.

Bloodied protestor dragged away in zip cuffs.

One of several shows of force by the police during demonstrations yesterday, which saw approximately 175-200 protesters arrested.

To see what’s ahead of us, look around the world.  Look at Greece and Italy, whose governments have dissolved and been replaced by unelected leaders from the banking and finance communities.  Bankers.  Taking over countries due to the ‘crisis’ of debt.  Watch as the police there are unable to control the growing swell of people, who refuse to go silently into their slavery, as many other countries have before.  Look to Spain and France, both of whom are next in the deadly game of economic dominoes.  See the unrest there.  See it in Germany and England as well, as they unite together, intent on enforcing the will and reforms of the banks, because the governments of their countries, as well as ours, are owned ultimately, by the banks.
That is why they Occupy.
It is about fair taxation on the wealthy and the corporations.  It is about protecting our people’s interests from those of the corporations.  It is about the 99% of us out here, who work for a living but still can’t figure out how to send our kids to college.  It is about the 99% of us out here paying over $3.00 a gallon for gas and know it is never going to get cheaper.  It is about the 99% of us who know that our paychecks don’t go as far as they used to.  It is about the 99% of us who suffer in silence because we don’t want to admit we are one illness away, one car breakdown away, from utter disaster when we have to buy Christmas for our kids.
They Occupy because that’s what it takes.  To get noticed.  To be heard.  The corporations will drown them out otherwise and the politicians would use police to jail them all.  They are keeping the press away from the places they intend to arrest people, do you wonder why?
They Occupy because that is ALL it takes.  You just have to point and say: ‘Look’.


Shut It Down

Phase Two

Police raided the camp in the predawn hours

Police raided the camp in predawn hours, following common tactics in the national campaign against the protests.

Ideas cannot be evicted.

Approximately forty-eight hours after the NYPD, under the direction of Mayor Bloomberg, destroyed tents, threw away books, computers, medical supplies and generators, Occupy Wall Street will mark its two month anniversary with an attempt to postpone the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange Thursday morning, Nov. 17.  They will Occupy subway stations in the afternoon.  They will Occupy everywhere, across this nation.

They will stand tall and raise their heads because they stand on the side of the righteous and the meek.  They will stand tall and raise their voices because the time for silence is over and our patience for false rhetoric has worn thin.  They will stand because they must, if we are to have anything left of our country, our values and our way of life.

Oakland eviction

Remnants of the Occupy camp at Oscar Grant Plaza after police stormed in and tore apart tents for the second time.

They are standing up against Wall Street, against government corruption, against a loss of our rights and liberties.  They are doing this in the face of those who would see them silenced.  They are doing it in the face of winter weather and discomfort.  They are doing this in spite of the fact that the government of the most powerful nation on Earth is conspiring to make them and their message disappear.  Early Tuesday morning, they effectively made the entire park disappear, shutting it off to the media and the outside world while they arrested nearly two hundred, including several reporters and a New York city councilman.  Yet even in the face of these frightening tactics, the likes of which we are used to seeing in ‘evil’ regimes like Syria, the protesters refuse to back down.

Like their brethren around the world, the Occupiers will not go away.

Democracy and free speech is messy sometimes, yes.  But this is the government we hold up as an example to the rest of the world.  Just because you don’t like the message, or because it disrupts your cozy scheme, doesn’t mean you can beat or force into submission those giving it.  In fact, more often than not, this tactic has the exact opposite effect.

The Return home

Occupiers returned to Zuccotti Park battleweary but energized. The American flag, when returned, brought a roaring ovation.

Ideas cannot be evicted.

Tomorrow morning, Phase Two begins.  Pay attention.  It is one of the rare times we actually get to see democracy in action as the protesters exercise their First Amendment right in non-violent protest against a system that is rigged by and for the 1%.  Those of you who are so eager to call the men and women who make up the Occupation ‘anti-capitalist, drug addicted, dirty hippies’ should put down your hate-laden talking points for a moment and observe.

The guys with the billy clubs, they are not utilizing the First Amendment, with each swing, they are trying to crush it.