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It is ironic that the day I read the reply from Vigilant Vicky Hartzler’s ‘office’ to my letter in the Lake Sun Leader, the House voted to pass the NDAA, allowing the US military to come into our homes, in the middle of the night, without cause or warrant, zip tie us up and take us away to a secret military detention center.  As I read the condescending, dismissive tone used by ‘the office of Vicky Hartzler’, in an attempt to somehow justify the arrest of an admittedly peaceful Missourian who chose to wait for her in the office we provide her, and as she prepares to cast a vote in favor of SOPA which will allow the government to shut down any website under vague and broad jurisdiction, I am left with only one response.

This is what a police state looks like.


Members of Occupy KC in on Capitol hill during a week of solidarity actions in Washington, D.C.

To the ‘Office of Vicky Hartzler’, whatever that is supposed to mean:

I have to ask what ‘responsibilities’ you think come with our First Amendment rights as you prepare to make a vote to shut down internet web sites?  That, I think, might be good for us to know.  Do we have the ‘responsibility’ to practice our freedom of speech and talk with our officials directly?  Wait, that is a right still, isn’t it?  I must say that your ‘office’s’ attempt at setting the record straight really seems to provide more questions than answers.  In fact, given my own disapproval of your having Missourians arrested, I wonder how long will it be, Vigilant Vicky, before you have the military snatch me up for dissent?  Do you accept revised history’s version of ‘enhanced interrogation’?  Never mind.  The NDAA authorized torture too, so it’s a mute point.

I reject your pro-corporate policies and agendas.  You serve your masters who threw millions into the race in 2010, getting you elected on an overwhelming wave of propaganda.  Since taking office, you have done nothing, other than lead the rally cry for ending all rules for big business and the banks, although you call it a ‘moratorium on job-killing regulations’ and an end to ‘government overreach’.  The regulations we used to have would have protected us from 2008 and what we are still facing now.  Those regulations were removed by those of your kind.

This ‘office’ you have doesn’t represent the majority of this district because we are the 99%.  Rep. Hartzler, you and the people you represent certainly aren’t us.  If we were, you might have had guts enough to justify the arrest yourself.

NDAA: Under Cover of Darkness

The War Against Us:
NDAA: Under Cover of Darkness

The past decade has seen an unbridaled attack on our liberties. With the passage of the NDAA, Congress would usher us into an age of darkness and fear. They have formally declared war on Americans.

Late Friday night, after the major media outlets had retired for the evening, the Senate held a quiet vote on the NDAA spending bill.  There were few witnesses to this act, which was by design.  There was no hoopla, no spirited debate.   Undercover of darkness and weekend, the US Senate, including Missourians Roy Blunt and Claire McCaskill, overwhelmingly approved an act of war against the American population.  This was a  bipartisan show of support, as the bill that authorizes both the indefinite detention of Americans and the use of torture on detainees passed through the chamber 93-7.

This marks a new era in our history.  These proposals were attached to a normally routine spending bill that has been passed year in and year out without circumstance.  This year however, in the wake of growing civil unrest and American Austerity yet to come, the Senate decided to make official their stance toward the electorate.

They have declared war on us and they have done so with full knowledge of what the bill contained.  Here in our state, Senators Blunt and McCaskill voted in favor.  Reps. Hartzler, Akin, Carnahan, Graves, Emerson and Luetkemyer voted yes in the House version of this bill earlier this year.  I direct the letter below to the traitors who dared vote for this bill.

To you, the elected officials of Missouri:

This is the future we can expect, as our austerity measures are enacted and decision making processes are taken from us. Our local officials have over reached.

You are supposed to represent me.  I pay taxes to our government through the things I buy, the wages I earn and the things I own.  I may or may not have voted for you, but you represent me in our republic and I, as an American citizen, own the seat you hold. That means you will be held accountable for the decisions you make on the people’s behalf.  Friday night you, our Senators, cloaked in darkness, whispered in unison with our Representatives inside our hallowed halls of government.  You set aside party in order to focus on your common enemy, us.   I wonder if your hearts were beating faster or if your palms sweat as you cast your treasonous lot against the people of this country.  I wonder if you finally understand the meaning of the power behind the simple slogan, “We are the 99%”.

You voted for the military to have the right to disappear people in the middle of the night who dissent against your regime.  You are doing this because you that soon, the protests that have persisted for nearly three months will swell into legions as each day reveals more and more of your insidious agenda and corrupt behavior.  This will happen as an inevitable conclusion stemming from what you and your corporate benefactors have done to our economy, our country and our future.  You know it is coming.  You have done the jobs you were paid to do all-too-well.

You voted to resend the ban against torturing the same people you pick up in the middle of the night, as you have done in Gitmo for nearly a decade.  These are the same tactics you, by virtue of your votes, endorse as our foreign policy to be exported to the world.  We do not need to abide by the Geneva Convention, according to you.  Allowing police to use pepper spray is a violation of that agreement as well.  It’s use is summarily banned on military battlefields.  It shouldn’t be surprising then that, last week, the United Nations have questioned the United States’ handling of both protesters and the media, as there have been regular and repeated human rights violations during politically directed crackdowns on free speech.

You wish to run a police state wherein the citizens can practice their rights, as long as they support the regime.  These are the same regime archetypes that you have exported to the Middle East.  The heavy hand of tyranny is necessary to enforce the changes you intend to make to both our system of democratic government and our economies.  You intend to remake America in the image of the ‘free market’ police state, where everything is farmed out to corporations and we pay for it all.

You are considering bills that would control the internet, to restrict free speech and communication, under the guise of ‘anti-piracy’ laws.  It is an extension of the war you have declared against our rights.  The past decade has seen a march against the rights of the 99%, because you knew eventually we the people, would come knocking.  You voted to imprison someone like me.  For writing this.

You are not doing us a service with your ‘service’.

To all of you who currently hold office, and with it, the mantle of responsibility, I offer a historical context as you consider the path you have elected to take us down by declaring war on us.  Each time an overwhelming force confronted the people of this nation, we rose up against it.  We set aside our petty differences to focus on a common enemy.  There are striking similarities between the regime you propose to create under the veil of American democracy and those we defeated in the past.  You are trying to legitimize secret police squads and torture chambers.  You are trying to perfect a particular vision. The last time the world saw this kind of evil manifest, the people of the United States of America rose together and declared in one loud voice:  “No.”

We turned away the nightmare of tyranny you offer here, time and again.  From our foundations as a nation, to the liberation of a continent, we have been the caretakers of freedom.  Not our government, but our people themselves, whose sacrifices paid for the very liberties the 1% and their cronies conspire to legislate away.

To you, the legislators of Missouri, I am interested to hear what you have to say.  Come down here and stand in our square and own it.  Own your vote, own your point of view, own your record.  Come down here and tell us, face to face, why you have voted to allow kidnap and torture of our citizens.  We are the ones who put you in office, after all.

Tell us why you voted to imprison and torture us.