Missouri Media Is Becoming Frightning Prototype

Gatehouse Media outlets not acknowledging Ron Paul’s strong showing in the state should come as no surprise, considering the history of both Paul’s record as civil liberty advocate and their refusal to take a look at the record of the candidate they helped into office in the 4th District of Missouri, Vigilant Vicky Hartzler.

Consideration of her record would include reporting on her votes on issues like NDAA, her support of SOPA and her office having people arrested for deciding to wait for a meeting.  The Lake Sun and the other Gatehouse Media outlets cited in my blogs, are, by such association, becoming the new prototype for local news.  The kind that reports on basketball games and parades while promoting through bias and ignorance a heavy-handed, pro-corporate agenda that has seen an unprecedented assault on American’s civil liberties.  Yet oddly, we hear silence. 

Or, worse, lies.

And as I learned, they aren’t the only rural media outlets promoting this agenda.  Most of rural Missouri’s news outlets in the 4th District are silent on what Paul’s showing might signify.  If you read their reporting, their advantage primarily comes down to organizational skills and knowledge of the rules. And if you listen to Rick Santorum, to aspire to higher education is to seek to be ‘indoctrinated’.

At what point do we begin to hold the self-appointed gatekeepers at Gatehouse Media and other rural Missouri media outlets responsible for what their bias and silence leads to?  We had better do it soon, that much is clear.  The right to resist has nearly been legislated away.

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