Rowland Todd: Shadowy Gatekeeper Seeks Re-Election


In the past several months, a barrage of formal complaints have been made against both the Camden County Commission and Camden County Clerk Rowland Todd for repeated violations of Chapter 610 of the Missouri State Statutes, commonly known as the Sunshine Law. Local business owner Theresa Townsend has filed many of these, although she has not been alone in these complaints. Second District Commissioner Cliff Luber has made his own formal complaint to the office of the Attorney General, as have other citizens of Camden County. While there has yet to be any action taken by Casey Lawrence, Sunshine Law Coordinator of state Attorney General Chris Koster, she has issued letters indicating that her investigations of these complaints have revealed wrongdoing on the part of local government officials. In fact, of Theresa Townsend’s first seven complaints, all were found to be credible, despite claims made by the outgoing Presiding Commissioner to the contrary. A pattern of illegal behavior has been revealed through these complaints and the subsequent investigations into the Commission and the actions of Camden County Clerk Rowland Todd.

On casual review, the written minutes provided by Todd are lazy, incomplete and, in some cases, completely inaccurate. This manipulation of the official record is illustrated time and again.

This is to say nothing of his efforts to skirt the Sunshine Law.

As of this writing, it has been 95 days since a Sunshine request was made for former Presiding Commissioner Kris Franken’s email records. That request, made by Theresa Townsend, was first made in the middle of May. In what appears to be political gamesmanship, Todd completely disregarded MO State Statute. Sunshine Law requires that any request for records be answered in three days. It does not stipulate that requested records be made available in three days, only that an answer to the request be penned in that time frame. In this case, that means that Todd had only to write an email response, indicating that the request for records had been forwarded to the correct department(s) and that the data was being collected and prepared for taxpayer review.

Todd waited a full 17 days to respond to this request.

This was not the first time that Todd has acted outside the law in regard to record reviews. Earlier this year, when another request was made to review billing from county attorney Charles McElyea, Todd illegally halted citizens from examining these records. After initially allowing this record review, Todd then stopped it, after receiving a phone call from McElyea himself. According to accounts, Todd claimed McElyea threatened a lawsuit against the county if this review was allowed to proceed.

This is a crime, as outlined clearly by Missouri State Statutes.

Rowland Todd has repeatedly and without apology, abused the public trust. He has acted not as the keeper of records, but instead as a gatekeeper between the taxpayers and the truth. Todd has consistently blocked and stymied attempts by Camden County citizens to conduct lawful and legal reviews of government records. He has acted in collusion with government officials who seem to have something to hide from the public who pays them.
Rowland Todd is up for re-election in November of this year. If his bid is successful, the citizens of Camden County can expect that he will continue to create illegal roadblocks to keep taxpayers in the dark. Todd has become the gatekeeper for those who choose to abuse the trust bestowed to those elected to office. Instead of being the gateway to transparency in government, Todd has instead proven himself to be the gatekeeper, actively working to conceal the actions of those collecting taxpayer dollars in shadows.

Todd has clearly demonstrated, through his own actions, a willingness to put special interests and personal agendas before his duty to the citizens of Camden County.


Two Elections, One Lawyer Part One: The Charlie Mac Connection

This week in Camden County and across the state of Missouri, municipal elections are taking place to determine the make-up of school boards, fire protection districts and a flurry of bond/levy issues. In Camden County, these election issues are being decided under the long shadow cast by attorney Charles McElyea.

Charlie Mac, at a meeting of the MCFPD earlier this year.  Charlie Mac tried to explain the closure of outlying stations in the district wasn't part of a shakedown attempt after the levy failure in November.

Charlie Mac, at a meeting of the MCFPD earlier this year. Charlie Mac tried to explain the closure of outlying stations in the district wasn’t part of a shakedown attempt after the levy failure in November.

The incestuous influence of Charles McElyea, partner at the law firm of Phillips, McElyea, Carpenter and Welch, over Camden County government is undeniable.

McElyea is the attorney for Camden County, as well as the Mid-County fire district and lists the Camdenton school district as a client. He is an incumbent on the Mid-County fire board, former member of the Camdenton school board, former member of the Lake Regional Hospital board and registered agent for Kids Harbor in Camdenton.

Recently, McElyea’s decision to suspend Sunshine Law and issue threats and concerns of lawsuits in order to hide his billing records, has placed him in the spotlight in the Lake of the Ozarks community. McElyea’s legal ‘advice’ as Camden County attorney has also been called into question by Second District Camden County Commissioner Cliff Luber.

In a meeting of the Camden County Commission earlier this month, Kris Franken referenced McElyea’s legal ‘opinion’ in attempting to defend his own disregard for law in an attempt to ram through a unilateral re-write of the ULUC’s Article 800. Nor was this the only questionable opinion offered by McElyea regarding Camden County Planning and Zoning.

He also ‘justified’ tens of thousands of dollars of legal fees, wracked up during the tenure of former P&Z administrator Don Hathaway. McElyea did this by giving his ‘legal opinion’ regarding investigating anonymous complaints. McElyea, in spite of the ULUC’s specific requirement that complaints be both signed and notarized before an investigation began, gave the legal opinion that the ULUC ‘didn’t say you COULDN’T investigate anonymous complaints’. This ‘opinion’, contrary to the letter of the ULUC, cost the taxpayers of Camden County thousands, as attorneys flocked to county coffers, taking their bites one invoice at a time.

This type of legal ‘opinion’ was the subject of the following complaint lodged this morning with the Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel by Ms. Theresa Townsend. This is the most recent of multiple complaints against the county government:

To Whom It May Concern:

On March 18, 2014, after having set up an appointment the previous week, I went to the Camden County Clerks office to view the billing records of Charles McElyea, the Camden County Attorney for the year 2013. I filled out the appropriate request paperwork and was given the file and a place to sit and review it. During the course of this review, the door to the County Clerks office burst open and Rowland Todd, the County Clerk, took the files from my hands while bellowing out “if you post any of the pictures you took (of those public records I was reviewing) to the internet, Charles McElyea will sue you!!”. I was alarmed by this large, red-faced man threatening me with a lawsuit by the County Attorney with regard to the Public Record of his billing statements.

In my opinion, having been Camden County Attorney for many, many years Mr. McElyea should have been aware of what information his billing records contained and conformed them properly or let the clerk know what was NOT public record under the law.

Mr. McElyea now contends that he did not threaten me, even though there were several witnesses to this threat. He either threatened me, a taxpayer who went through proper legal channels, for viewing public records or he threatened the county which would represent a conflict of interest to his continued employment by said county.

I was contacted by a representative of the State Attorney Generals office regarding this matter. It would seem Mr. McElyea was so concerned at what my reaction might be, he CALLED that office the very next morning to tell them that I was lying!! I had not even registered a complaint over the issue with that office!

In addition, I have found that our Planning & Zoning Commission and our Board of adjustment are seated illegally and have been for SIXTEEN YEARS!! We were a Third Class county in 1994 when the voters voted in Planning & Zoning. In 1998, we became a First Class county. The ULC was not adopted until June of 2004.

According to rsMO 64.120, the Board of Adjustment is to be made up of the County Commissioners. According to rsMO 64.020, the Planning & Zoning Commission is to have one County Commissioner (64.020). This means ANY decisions that have been made by these boards have been illegal and therefor subject to lawsuits should the aggrieved parties wish to pursue this course of action.

In an e-mail dated 2/19/2014 the County Commissioners were made aware of this concern. Mr. Luber stated that Bev Thomas told him that Charles McElyea had said that because we had been a Third Class county when we voted in Planning & Zoning that this was legal & proper. However, according to rsMO 48.050, Any office which may be established as a result of the change of the county from one class to another shall be filled in accordance with the provisions of the law relating to the filling of vacancies for such office.

Mr. McElyea should be reprimanded and heavily fined (with the fine going to a general legal relief fund for the taxpayers) at the very least for his conduct and, I personally feel he should be dis-barred as his actions were deliberate and a man with his years in this field should be well aware that what he was doing was illegal. He has stated he “is to advise the County Commission and office holders on ways not to get sued.”; he should certainly know that threatening taxpayers for viewing public record OR the county he is employed by that this is certainly NOT a way to avoid a lawsuit; nor is allowing an illegally seated board or commission to continue for SIXTEEN years!!

Certainly Mr. McElyea’s behavior is NOT commensurate with what we expect from our County Attorneys who, in my opinion, should be held to a higher standard of ethics and behavior.

The behavior described in this complaint is precisely the behavior that McElyea promises to bring to Camden County government and the Camdenton school district. This behavior is steeped in historical fact and is highlighted by a recent shakedown attempt by the Mid-County fire protection district, under McElyea’s purview.


In January of this year, the Mid-County fire protection district announced plans to close three satellite fire stations. The board, chaired by McElyea, also unveiled budget cuts that included selling equipment, restructuring holiday and overtime pay and the elimination of the fire inspector position. These moves, it was explained by McElyea, were in response to the failure of a tax levy proposed in 2013.

A 12-cent levy proposal was soundly defeated by voters in November of last year, by a margin of nearly two to one.

Many residents looked at the closure of the satellite station as retributive in the wake of the levy’s failure. Closing outlying stations, #3 on State Road AA, #5 on Old South Highway 5, and #6 on State Road D, would force many households to pay higher insurance rates. This is based on the distance between a given home and the nearest fire station. Residents outside of a five-mile radius would be exposed to higher rates. Closing these three satellite stations would therefore increase insurance costs to hundreds of lake area homes.

The steps presented by the fire board in January were seen as an affront to some taxpayers in the fire district. Stacy Shore, resident in one of the areas affected by the proposed station closures, questioned the fire board’s decision to purchase a property on Pier 31 road. This purchase was for a future fire station and cost approximately $50,000. While this purchase was made with a bond for capital expenditures, it still raises several questions among members of the community who believe that other options should be considered before closing fire stations. Also an issue of contention: the $14,000 price tag incurred by the fire board to fund efforts during November’s levy initiative.

Claims of being “fiscally conservative” were offered by McElyea during the January meeting, but for many residents, these claims fall on deaf ears. They point to the administrative costs as being out of line with the operation of the fire station. To these residents, bringing those costs down would allow the protection district to invest more in the wages of front-line firefighters and keep the threatened stations open.

The Mid-County fire protection district and its board, after hearing the public outcry in January, attempted to use this civil unrest as a vehicle to launch yet another campaign to raise the fire levy. Most observers believe that this was foolhardy on the part of McElyea and the district.

One candidate in this week’s Mid-County fire board election offers an alternative to the ‘screw you, pay me’ philosophy espoused by McElyea and the MCFPD.

Jeremy Rugen's slogan: "One name. One vote." is resonating throughout Camden County in response to 'business as usual'.

Jeremy Rugen’s slogan: “One name. One vote.” is resonating throughout Camden County in response to ‘business as usual’.

Jeremy Rugen has a different perspective on how to achieve financial solvency without cutting services and raising the current levy.

I believe the district severely needs overall budget accountability. Some of the trucks and equipment that are currently owned is not needed to provide service or to maintain insurance standards. I feel in our country today our government does not prioritize spending and wastes tax dollars. I don’t feel it is okay for our government or the fire board to do the same. I believe that if you have $2 you cannot spend $3. In my budget at home I cannot spend more money than I have in my account. My goal is to eliminate unneeded vehicles and equipment. I want to prioritize spending and have a complete audit performed. Once this is complete, I can determine more accurate needs of the district.

The district will need a operational increase to create truck replacement program and air pack replacement program. The issue I have with the current levy is these two issues are not being addressed and will not solve the budget problem. I would like to see the district balance the current budget and wait until 2017 when the bonds are paid off. This will take the current amount the tax payers are paying for the bond and place it into the operating account. This will require a vote from the tax payers. This will be no tax increase.

Rugen went on to talk about equipment purchases that were unnecessary and also said:

I am committed to stopping the current wasteful spending. I believe with budget cuts the budget can be balanced until 2017. The district has very little in reserves and this will not be easy task, but I am up for the challenge.

His campaign slogan of “One name, one vote” distinguishes Rugen as a candidate who stands against the mobster tactics used by MCFPD in recent months and is a stark contrast to the reign of McElyea.

Tomorrow from American Spring: Two Elections, One Lawyer Part Two….

In it, we look at the McElyea family business, using government to make a buck, including the McElyea’s control of the Camdenton school district, Charlie Mac’s role with Kids Harbor and ‘Child Trafficking and Missouri Schools’ and much more…

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Franken Lies In Early Smear Campaign Against Greg Hasty

This letter, signed by Kris Franken, clearly states that his "challenger's sole platform is the elimination of Planning and Zoning".

This letter, signed by Kris Franken, clearly states that his “challenger’s sole platform is the elimination of Planning and Zoning”.

This letter, written, signed and circulated by candidate Kris Franken to selected voters in the first district and Horseshoe Bend earlier this month. The letter, and the lie around which the above segment is formed, is a clear indication of the direction of his campaign. It is also another tiring example of an established pattern of pathological behavior displayed by Franken since his election in 2010.

“In contrast to our record of accomplishments together, my challenger’s sole platform is the elimination of Planning and Zoning.”

Greg Hasty appeared last year on an episode of Guerrilla Radio with American Spring, in which he talked extensively about Camden County Planning and Zoning. Not once did he mention the elimination of P & Z. While he certainly acknowledged the many problems with how Planning and Zoning has been administered in Camden County, not once did he state that it should be “eliminated”. Instead, he expressed a desire to revisit the Planning and Zoning, the county’s ULUC and Master Plan, to ensure that these make sense for Camden County residents and taxpayers.

Greg Hasty currently sits on the Planning and Zoning board for the city of Camdenton, where he has served for the better part of ten years. To date, this city department has not been “eliminated”, nor has Hasty ever made such a proposal.

While the last part of that sentence, written and signed by Franken, is a clear and outrageous lie, it is the first part of the sentence that is most telling:

“In spite of our record of accomplishments together…”

Here, Franken, like an amateur-hour poker player, clearly shows his hand.

As has been extensively reported, problems have plagued Camden County Planning and Zoning during Franken’s tenure in the courthouse. Most recently, Don Hathaway resigned under a dark cloud of swirling allegations and an inquiry from the Missouri State Attorney General’s office regarding violations of Sunshine Law.

“In spite of our record of accomplishments together…”

In the wake of Hathaway’s sudden resignation, he discussed an investigation that was conducted into his behavior during an interview that first appeared in the Jefferson City News-Tribune. The investigation of Hathaway resulted in an unpaid two-week suspension for the former Planning and Zoning administrator.

In that same interview, when asked about the results of this investigation, Kris Franken again has a problem with the truth. He states that the investigation results were “inconclusive”.

This is at odds with the facts, as Hathaway’s suspension would indicate that there was cause to withhold his salary for two weeks. It is also at odds with Cliff Luber’s assessment of the investigation, who indicated that he would like the results made public.

“In spite of our record of accomplishments together…”

Hathaway’s resignation is only the most recent of a string of problems the controversial department has faced while under Franken’s purview and Hathaway’s administration. The department has been ran in violation of the ULUC, resulting in huge cost overruns in legal fees for the taxpayers of Camden County. The rule of law has been discarded in the selective, punitive use of the department.

Planning and Zoning has been the servant of special interests in the Lake of the Ozarks area since Franken took office in 2010. Hathaway, an imported representative of special interests himself, arrived shortly after and thus began the transformation of P and Z.

This shift in mission for Planning and Zoning, which Franken takes credit for, has led to repeated charges of selective enforcement, the disregard for the ULUC itself and the use of the department to the benefit of Lake of the Ozarks special interests.

“In spite of our record of accomplishments together…”

Late last year, when Hathaway returned after his unpaid suspension, two rallies took place at the Camden County courthouse. The first was a protest against the reinstatement of Hathaway due to repeated abuses. The second stood in favor of Hathaway and the direction of P&Z.

Usual suspects Joe Roeger, Kim Krostue and the Johnsons were in attendance. Chants of support could be heard around their video cameras and between the bites of donuts, brought to the support group by Dann Hayworth. Hayworth recently announced an early retirement in the wake of Hathaway’s resignation.

The usual suspects, who populate the leadership of the Camden County Republican Club and the newly formed PAC, showed up in full support of the many abuses committed by the P&Z department. These abuses, after all, weren’t targeting them.

“In spite of our record of accomplishments together…”

One has to wonder, given the track record, what these ‘accomplishments’ are supposed to be?

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Greg Hasty Impresses At Meet and Greet

Wednesday evening, candidate for Presiding Commissioner Greg Hasty held a meet and greet event at Captain Ron’s in Sunrise Beach. Dozens showed up in support of Hasty and were enthused by what they heard when Greg, after some prodding, addressed the crowd. The event was a fundraising success as well, according to early indications.

To hear Greg Hasty and Cliff Luber address a variety of county issues, and to see Greg’s qualifications, click here.

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Franken’s Fitful Future

When Second District Commissioner Cliff Luber presented the formal, legal request for a modification of the Universal Land Use Code, it was much needed good news regarding the county’s embattled Planning and Zoning department. It was a victory for the taxpayers of Camden County and Cliff Luber, who has made Planning and Zoning concerns one of his top priorities since taking office. The formal request, submitted according to 1402 of the ULUC, represented a long battle by Luber to begin to restore equity, fairness and common sense to the Planning and Zoning department with regard to inappropriately zoned properties in Camden County. It is a significant achievement for Luber and what many regard as one step in the right direction with the ULUC.

This formal proposal, brought by Commissioners Luber and Thomas, was something entirely different for candidate Kris Franken. It was the ‘cherry’ on top of a manure sundae.

Franken and Joe Roeger at this week's leeting of the unelected TAC.  At that meeting, it was announced that MODoT would not support the TIGER 5 grant application.  This was another in a string of recent rebuffs of Franken.

Franken and Joe Roeger at this week’s leeting of the unelected TAC. At that meeting, it was announced that MODoT would not support the TIGER 5 grant application. This was another in a string of recent rebuffs of Franken.

Recently, support has fallen apart like wet toilet paper for Franken and the abuses of Planning and Zoning under Hathaway. Franken has long stood in support of former P & Z administrator Don Hathaway, who submitted his resignation at last week’s meeting of the Planning and Zoning commission. Hathaway was the center of numerous controversies during his time as P and Z administrator. The latest of these involving Franken’s violating the ULUC in an attempt to unilaterally rewrite Article 800.

For candidate Kris Franken, Hathaway’s resignation could not have come at a worse time. Hathaway’s departure shines an unwelcome spotlight on the ‘status quo’ under Kris Franken. It speaks volumes to the way business has been conducted in the Camden County Courthouse under his self-appointed reign.

It comes in a week that finds Franken feeling particularly vulnerable. A typical tactic used in Camden County politics, one well-known to residents of the area, is to put up several candidates for one office. Typically, these multiple candidates all have similar platforms and are sponsored by similar interests. This tactic is used to ensure that the ‘status quo’, represented by Kris Franken, is maintained. This election cycle however, Franken stands uncomfortably alone facing opponent Greg Hasty for the Presiding Commissioner’s office. This awkward political vulnerability, along with his own well-established track record, has Franken teetering as his term winds down.

At Thursday’s meeting of the Camden County Commission, Franken’s frailties displayed themselves. During open session, Franken appeared to be quite miffed at the language of the formal request. He was upset that he wasn’t mentioned along with Commissioners Luber and Thomas in the formal request to revise ULUC language.

Franken protested that he was also in favor of fixing this problem with Planning and Zoning. Unfortunately, in what has become a tiresome trend, his assertions come up woefully short of reality. As Cliff Luber pointed out in his press release announcing the formal request, this issue has been brought up numerous times, with ample evidence to support such a change. Franken, despite claims to the contrary, did nothing to fix this obvious problem with Planning and Zoning. In fact, quite the opposite is true. Franken repeatedly opposed Luber’s efforts to bring attention to this issue and fairness to the taxpayers of Camden County. Frequently, on audio recordings of commission meetings, Franken can be heard to dismiss, dispute and disassociate during numerous complaints regarding Planning and Zoning.

His protests to the contrary fall on deaf ears. Franken, with a history of covering up the transgressions of his supporters, has continued to protect Don Hathaway.

In a recent article from the News Tribune, Franken claimed the results of an investigation into Don Hathaway’s conduct late last year were “inconclusive”. This is in stark contrast to the fact that Hathaway was placed on a two-week unpaid suspension.

Second District Commissioner Cliff Luber believes the results were anything but inconclusive, as reflected by the suspension. Luber would welcome the results of that investigation becoming public, he said during a recent appearance on Guerrilla Radio with American Spring.

It comes as no great surprise that Franken wanted to tag along on Luber’s achievement in rectifying a long standing problem in Planning and Zoning. Unfortunately, Franken, with his recent end-around attempt to rewrite the ULUC, has displayed an utter lack of knowledge of and respect for its articles regarding revisions. After his last minute effort to rewrite Article 800 crashed like the Hindenberg, Franken then sought, and the people paid for, two legal ‘interpretations’ to justify his actions. He also sought to rewrite history, by convincing Don Hathaway to state that he had asked Franken for the rewrite, despite Hathaway’s stating previously that Franken had not acted properly with regards to his attempt to rewrite of Article 800.

Hathaway has now resigned.

The Missouri State Attorney General’s office is conducting an inquiry into possible Sunshine violations in regards to Camden County Planning and Zoning.

During Thursday’s meeting of the Camden County Commission, Franken made sure to say a ridiculous, smarmy ‘thank you’ to Don Hathaway, for his supposed input on Luber and Thomas’ proposal.

In that, Franken the candidate stands alone, like the cheese in that old children’s rhyme.

What an unfortunate place to be.

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Commissioners Luber, Thomas Address Incorrectly Zoned Properties

Thursday afternoon, Second District Camden County Commissioner Cliff Luber announced that he and First District Commissioner Bev Thomas had drafted and sent a formal request to the county’s Planning and Zoning Commission. This request, presented below, would seek to address properties in the county that have been, through the actions of the county, inappropriately zoned.

Currently, if a property were incorrectly zoned when Planning and Zoning was implemented, a property owner would have to pay out-of-pocket in order to have the issue corrected. In several cases presented over the months by Commissioner Luber, the historical use of properties simply did not match with Camden County’s P & Z zoning. Businesses and farms were zoned as Residential properties. This was the result of Planning and Zoning map inaccuracies. Each of these cases cost the property owners an $800 fee to correct the county’s mistake. This has been the status quo since Planning and Zoning was established in the county.

The following press release was issued from Second District Commissioner Cliff Luber. This announcement is the culmination of his effort to restore common sense and equity to Camden County Planning and Zoning.

Since my first few month in office, I began advocating for a change in the Unified Land Use Code regarding improperly zoned property at the time Planning & Zoning was implemented. Citizens currently have to pay an $800.00 rezoning fee to rezone their property back to its existing use, which was no fault of their own. Under 1402 of the ULUC, Commissioner Thomas and I voted today to send a request to the P&Z board for formal consideration of a change to the code. I currently have two mis-zoned properties on my desk that need a proper resolution. I want to thank Commissioner Thomas for her assistance in this matter.

Cliff Luber

Your 2nd District Camden County Commissioner.

P&Z Board request letter

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TIGER 5 D.O.A. : Mr. Roeger’s Neighborhood Expansion Halted

The death blow appears to have been struck against the expansion of Highway 242 from the west side of the Community Bridge to Highway 5 in Sunrise Beach. This comes after an expected proposal for funding from the County Commission evaporated into thin air. The Camden County Commission, expected to hear a proposal that would ask the County for approximately $6,500. This amount represented half of the cost to have an ‘insider’ write the TIGER 5 grant. The proposal was never given. The funds, wisely, weren’t asked for. As a result, the commission simply wrote a letter of support for the project, instead of committing tax dollars to this private partnership.

On Tuesday’s meeting of the unelected LOCLG’s TAC, Joe Roeger and Kris Franken listened as Bob Lynch from the Missouri Department of Transportation gave the proposal’s eulogy. Lynch said the TIGER 5 grant for the proposed expansion of Highway 242 did not have the support of MoDot engineers.

This would seem to send Joe Roeger back to the drawing board…

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