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What Would Jesus Do?

Late last week, my daughter spoke out against hatred. Though she knew she would be the minority voice, she wasn’t afraid to stand up for what she believes in. This, in spite of being in middle school, where the slightest misstep can cast you as a social pariah. Words cannot express the pride I feel in her. Tears well in my eyes thinking about it.

Late last week, a true and dear friend spoke out against hatred. She knows what it’s like to be the minority. She has never been outspoken about her sexuality and the discrimination that accompanies it. Her views have been more conservative than my own, to my surprise. She doesn’t flaunt who she is, she just is who she is and she is one of the best people, hands down, you will ever meet. Tears well in my eyes thinking about it.

The sudden, rapid push of anti-gay rhetoric and legislation has come with simultaneous efforts against women’s rights. Attacks on both fronts are coming camouflaged as issues of ‘religious principle’. After looking into groups like Eagle Forum, who as an out-of-state contributor, was one of the largest to Vigilant Vicky Hartzler’s campaign, we are provided the framework for legislating morality and breaking down the walls between church and state. Legislation across the country is being enacted, now before elections, to drive us further and further toward legalizing the ability to discriminate openly against anyone who is different. They are legalizing hatred across our country by restricting the basic human rights of citizens under the banner of ‘moral authority’. Ever wonder about that phrase ‘American exceptionalism’? It is another way of saying master race, or “those who go along with the program”. Tears well in my eyes thinking about it.

Obama didn’t DO anything. He said it was a state issue. Just as it has been. He didn’t change a thing. He just said he’s in favor of it. Guess what? When Darth Vader’s (Dick Cheney’s) own daughter is gay, it’s kind of hard to take the ‘pray the gay away’ stance and stuff the LGBT community back into a closet.

Legislating that one human being is somehow not entitled to the same happiness (or unhappiness, if you prefer) as another is wrong. Using the bible as the reason to do it is wrong. It is not our place to pass judgement. The Good Book says ‘Judge not, lest ye be judged’. While God’s law may say that homosexuality is an ‘abomination’, he also says that only he shall sit in judgment. Christians put their faith in the mercy of Christ, so ask yourself: What would Jesus do?

(On a personal aside, I’m writing just now, I’m thinking of my Grandpa and how he must be smiling. Tears well in my eyes thinking about it.)

When we hear about outlandish legislation such as ‘Don’t Say Gay’, it comes under a banner of religious doctrine and an assumed position of being safely entrenched on the ‘moral high ground’. The problem with that is, each and every one of you sitting in those pews are worshiping because you believe in salvation through the mercy of Christ. The mercy of Christ, his blood, pays for all our transgressions, large and small. His mercy is kind of the basis for the entire Christian faith.

What would Jesus do?

It is not our place to legislate hate. To do it in the name of Christ…

Tears well in my eyes thinking about it.


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