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The Phantom Menace

The Phantom Menace

In a full week that included having Missourians arrested for petitioning her office for a meeting, Vicky Hartzler provided yet another piece of evidence of her incompetence in office.  The following is a direct quote from our very own Vigilant Vicky, Thursday afternoon:

”The House passed a bill to stop the runaway EPA’s crazy new proposed regulation regulating farm dust-another exp. of Washington’s over reach.”

Vigilant Vicky, in all her glory, was swinging her flaming sword at

Vicky Hartzler is beginning to forge quite a history with the events of the past week. Hartzler is moving forward with her pro-corporate agenda, even if lying is necessary.

Washington and their needless rules and regulations, fighting hard to free corporations from the shackles of rules.  She sounded especially proud of herself for this particular bill, trumpeting her efforts for all Missourians to be proud of.

But the picture is not complete.

From the Washington Post:

‘The EPA’s new dust rule did not exist. It never did.

Still, the specter of this rule has spurred three bills to prevent it , one of which was approved Thursday by a House subcommittee. It sparked a late-night battle on the Senate floor. GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain cited it in a debate as a reason to eliminate the EPA.

The hubbub over this phantom rule — surely one of the most controversial regulations that never was — involved a slow-moving federal agency and a Republican Party with the EPA in its crosshairs.’

The victory claimed by Vigilant Vicky and the rest of her pro-corporate, deregulation cabal is absolutely and completely false.  Ms Hartzler approved a bill to countermand a rule that isn’t in place.  The EPA has no farm dust rule.

I can take a lot of things, Ms Hartzler.  I am used to a certain built-in level of corruption where our public officials are concerned.  But to be so bent on inventing and promoting a political win that would seem to ‘create’ momentum for even more corporate deregulation is a special kind of frightening.  This, of course, during a week that has earned you the title of Vigilant Vicky, after having been so pro-active as to arrest Missourians in your office instead of, you know, talking to them.  Many things I can stand, Ms Hartzler, but to be both a bully and to be ignorant of what you are voting on,  that I cannot.  We will not allow the lowest common denominator to be the sole voice of this District of Missouri.  You represent the lunatic fringe of corporatism run amuck and we the people, the 99%, are quite tired of that

Vicky Hartzler.  Do us a favor.  Don’t make another vote on something you don’t know the facts on.  It is that kind of careless behavior that has brought our democracy here.