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This interview with Chris Hedges sums our situation up succinctly. Look around. Their intentions are clear.

Tonight, Victory

Tonight, Brandon Raub is a free man once again.

It is from the waters of these victories that we must drink deep, dunk our head and dive in. We must swim in them, drift in righteousness and let our naked bodies feel the caress of success earned.

We must celebrate.

OUR voices united behind the cause of one of our own and we prevailed.

How easy might it have been to lose Brandon Raub?

Far too, it seems.

I have not met Brandon Raub. I did not espouse his particular point of view, did not agree with all of his posts or theories. Based on those alone, I would not have taken the time to know anything about Brandon.

He has, in many ways, brought all of us a little closer together.

Last night, I spoke with someone I might otherwise not have on Guerrilla Radio. We come from different points of view, different backgrounds and different thought processes. Through Brandon, we arrived at the same conclusion.

Our country has changed.

While it seems like overnight, the police state has arrived.

It is here.

It is in New York.

It is in Oakland.

It is in Missouri.

It is everywhere.

Brandon Raub proves that. Just as Jesselyn Radack did. Just as Thomas Drake did. Just as William Binney, John Kirakau and Bradley Manning do. As Laura Poitras does. As the NATO 5 do. As Dorli Rainey and Scott Olsen have. Mark Kennedy, Ron Faust, Brian Terrell.

Just as does Julian Assange.

“Men will be at my door soon….”

Last week, when tyranny threatened to silence truth, we united in purpose.

We created a great noise, a thunderclap of righteousness that echoed their injustice. Together, we illuminated them and in the flash of truth that shone like lightning on an early London morn, they froze. This week, when tyranny threatened to deny the human right of free speech, we united in purpose. We raised our voices again, in defiance of those who would conspire against us. We brought them to bear with furious abandon, shouting at their towers. The chorus echoed off their carefully constructed fortress, amplified by the spirit of rebellion in which we have been born.

Because of them, stone towers shook and prison doors flew open.

” There must be absolute unity and determination in the response. ”

WE CAN stop this. ALL of us. Together.

We can bring them to their knees, trembling, as the beacon of our truth lands on their doorstep. The time to stand is now. Tonight, the cool waters heal aching muscles and invigorate tired souls.

Tomorrow, there is much work to do. We will pick up our burden and we will climb up the steep and rocky slope, knowing there will be missteps, scrapes, bruises. There will be challenges. They will be mighty.

Tonight though, feels damn good.