Camden County, Missouri: The Dirtiest County in America?

What appears below is a collection of articles that outlines, in shocking detail, an unbelievable network of corruption in Camden County, located in central Missouri.

Camden County is located at the Lake of the Ozarks, encompassing the vast majority of Osage Beach and portions of Lake Ozark. Camdenton, Missouri is the county seat and is at the eye of the proverbial storm.

Recently, a federal lawsuit was filed against a wide range of the government entities and their agents. This list included, among other Defendants, the Camdenton school district, the Missouri Department of Family Services, the Camden County Sheriff Department and Judges of the 26th Circuit of Missouri.

The lawsuit, and the despicable story behind it, is the framework upon which this nightmarish reality is constructed.

‘Family Under Seige’

It is the centerpiece of an investigation into all aspects of Camden County government. What has been uncovered is a convoluted web of incestuous relationships, associations and special interests that
beg the question: Is Camden County, Missouri the dirtiest county in America?

‘Child Trafficking and Missouri Schools’ looks at an unbelievable case of the Lagares family. They dared defy the school system’s unlawful assertion of authority in the 1990’s only to face the full crushing weight of the Lake of the Ozark’s bully system today. The lengths to which corruption has spread throughout the Lake of the Ozarks body politic is evident and provides the final diagnosis that something sickening is going on under the facade of the popular tourist destination, the Lake of the Ozarks.

‘The District’ is a hard-hitting, honest look at the inner workings of the Camdenton school district. What has emerged is a series of articles that speak of ritualistic, systematic abuses against staff, students, taxpayers and families. It outlines the silent coup in one Missouri school district, as an unlawful assumption of authority has transformed this district. Assertions of power by administrators and their attorneys have led to the installation of a brutal, vengeful bully system in the Camdenton school district. This bully system is turned against anyone who would dare defy it and is used to frighten people into silence through the unspoken threat of retribution against children.

‘To Protect and Serve?’ looks at the Camden County Sheriff’s Department and their historical record under current Sheriff Dwight Franklin. A frightening picture begins to develop as stories of lawlessness, brutality, targeting, selective enforcement, fiscal irresponsibility and questionable behavior are entered into evidence. CCSD has earned the title ‘American Gestapo’.

The Mystery of Donnie Erwin is a look at the case of a missing veteran from the Lake of the Ozarks. Despite pleas from the Erwin family, the CCSD has been non-cooperative in attempting to find this Camdenton man.

‘The Ministries of Truth’ is a look at the local Lake of the Ozarks media outlets and their willingness to act as accomplices in the many transgressions of the elite. A clear and direct relationship is displayed throughout this look at lake media outlets. It is the relationship between the bottom line and credibility. It is a case study in the willingness of these outlets to trade that credibility, and the public’s trust, for pennies on the dollar.

‘The Franken File’ is a look at the Camden County Courthouse over the past year. Kris Franken, special interest darling, has had his fingers in several dirty pies during his tenure in the courthouse. This is an examination of those and the outlying issues relating to county government, such as the selective and punitive use of Planning and Zoning and the actions to hide what is going on behind closed doors.

‘The Usual Suspects’ is a look at some of the special interest ‘front men’ in the Lake of the Ozarks. This group of elitists, through the sway they hold over both county government and local media, have sought to impose their will on the residents of Camden County. We do a complete line-up here for your consideration.

The story of Theresa Townsend, local Lake of the Ozarks business and home owner tells the story of how county government offices worked in collusion to bankrupt her.

‘Camden County PA office, CCSD, threaten victims after near fatal beating’. You won’t believe this half hour of audio, taped with Stacy Shore.

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44 thoughts on “Camden County, Missouri: The Dirtiest County in America?

  1. i keep hearing about have court cases and not telling the lawyers or the clients. so they know to show for courrt and then they get arrested or they loose visiting rights to their kids cause they miss court and was nt informed.what is wrong with this picture????

    • Yes. That is done on purpose. The custody and parenting plan cases are very corrupt favoring the men side and making the stay at home mother look like a bad mother (they use alcoholic, popping pills, not going to kids games, etc) who worked and paid for her exhusbands college degree and she not have a degree. You get 50/50 custody. But they get their degree. Don’t pay child support. Claim on taxes. And the mom is called their “babysitter”.
      We need to clean house with the judicial system here. Badly.

      • Interesting, cuz 5 years ago my son was taken from me by his biological father that has since put him into a troubled child home , pressed charges against him and more. I was a homeschool mom and never had a single problem…but then out of the blue his father (that didn’t want anything to do with him before) swooped in, made me look like a horrific mother and legally “kidnapped” him. Everything was in his favor – including making me a supervised visitation – I raised him for 12 years as a single mom…now I have to be supervised???!!

      • I have to call b.s. Cause my boys were taken from me. And I raised my oldest for 10 years without a drop of help from his mother. She hardly ever saw him and even put him in harms way when she had him in the same room when her ex shot a police officer. And dfs gave him to her. She even told dfs that he was in the same room and to top it all off she even stated that yes my son was sexually abused while he was visiting her and they still let her have him. Where he is now us two pedophiles and her new husband even raped her daughter and got away with it. So dfs doesn’t always side with the father. I can tell you the reason I don’t have my oldest is because I am a combat veteran and I speak my mind

    • It was years ago my ex and I lived a place. He was very far behind in rent by the time I moved in. The home owner was a prominate “business” man who was neighbors with the now deaseased judge. It turned out legally the home should have by law never have been rented out as it technically was a former medical facility and had not been cleared for housing by state statute and to this day is still being rented. The land lord did his best to illegally evict us on short notice and he succeeded after breaking the window while I was alone there. We did have a summons to court me included although I was never even on the lease. In fact I simply turned the electric on for my ex when the land lord turned it off. He informed me I owed half the back rent for doing so….. I had to let my place go and move in and the landlord shut the water off! When we were summened to court it was at 9 am. We were on time. Turns out even though we had a strong case and the landlord had broke many laws the judge had already made a decision on the case before court was even in session. I proceeded to contact every agency and ultimately was told because of the stature of the landlord nothing would be done. After violating me when I was alone by breaking in the window we fled in way under 30 days, in fact it was just 2 days after the bogus court date. I was scared and clearly violated dispite the fact my at the time boyfriend and actual renter owed money we still had rights and they were not honored dispite the fact I had attempted to make payments and rectify the situation. The renter would not even turn on the water so I could clean as we moved. I lost alot of items of my own thanks to this man and since I have found out his “not for profit” organization has been accused and rightfully so a scam!!

  2. I am so glad someone is making Camden county corrupt attitude public. I’ve contacted state and federal authorities in regards to the judicial system. I would love to share my story with you as my children have been abused and neglected and the judicial system ignoring it as te father is a public figure.
    There are two Guardian at litems aka GALs that need to be disbarred as well as two attornies who wheeled and dealed and were unethical need to be disbarred. One of which is running for judge.
    Thank you.

    • May I ask you what Guardian of litem name’s were as well as the Attorneys? ? As I am going through a case rt now and I was extremely shocked of the outcome of her oppion. As well as the lady who works for family services in the children’s division. Whom I am going to report. ..

  3. I so wish someone would do a similar report about St. Louis police! YES I’ve been saying for years that Camden Co is messed up and they have put my sister in danger I don’t even know how many times, I feel that there needs to be a MANDATORY investigation of all Police departments annually…KEEP THEM TRANSPARENT! Then they CAN’T play GOD!

    • Start a petition. I will sign it and I’m sure everyone else in this state old enough to vote will be happy to also. I have always said that I think cops and officials should be required to pass a special ethics program specially designed to teach them how to treat the people they are empowered to SERVE. You have a great idea there. Maybe it will cost more than taxpayers want to pay initially but in the long run will pay for itsself many times over I’m sure.

  4. There is a lot of this going on they should check out Chillicothe,Mo in Livingston county it is just as bad.

  5. I would say that Miller County is a lot worse than this!!!! All of our surrounding counties are corrupt!!! My mom died in Camden County and I do not believe for one minute that it happened like they say it did! I have done my own investigating and I will…even if it is 20 years later…get down to the bottom of this. I WILL put the man that did this to her in jail for the rest of his life!!!! Its sad that you have to do this on your own with no help from law enforcement! NO JUSTICE!!!!

  6. I used to live there and I can tell you first hand that the law only applied to some. I had to go to court several times because I had an ex that was crazy and at one of our court cases, the prosecuting attorney allowed his attorney to be the judge in that case. He had broke in my home and I had order of protection and he said it was to get a shirt he left there and basically said ok.. After years of dealing with this kind of protection, he finally got put in jail for 86 day for threatening my kids and I moved while he was there…many states away. there is so much more to the story but not enough room to write it all. I had no protection from Camden county

  7. I lived there also. I was a victum of some of their corruption twice. This has been going on for so many years! I really hope people realize that every cop and goverment official needs to be replaced.

  8. Its about time someone called these lowlifes out!! I’m talking about the Police Department. I wouldn’t mind sharing a story of mine with everyone!

  9. I Samuel was in Camden County jail for 13months the correction officers -dirty doctor wouldn’t give I my meds that would help me with my mental stability and they only gave me what they thought I need d they also threaten to throw in a mas can because my friend dressed up like k-k-k they said that they can do whatever the hell they wanted to do then months after I broke out a window they handcuff me and then they put me in a restraint chair then they tased me while I was restraint

  10. My husband is currently in ccsd for his first probation violation his probation officer only wants him to serve for weekends and that’s it they won’t give him a sooner court date and if he is in jail for thirty or more consecutive days they will stop his ssi ssd and I am currently unemployed his charges are only for driving while suspended its moot like he has sold drugs or killed someone without G his disability

  11. I was in Camden county for a year. Clearly held against my will why male c.o.’s would ask me to flash them and would show me their genitals. I reported it to the prosecuting attorney. No charges were presses against the guard but they shippede to Miller county to try and keep me quiet. It was a nightmare. And not to mention I did all this time for my own Rx pills. The county swept it under the rug and I went to prison. Never so degraded and helpless in my life. Local attorneys want nothing to do with it, because they all work together!!! CORRUPT, just a little!

  12. I have a cousin that was murdered in Camden County off of hwy HH in Lake Ozark. And of course they didn’t try to find the killer. I think someone got paid off really big time. There was evidence and no one followed thru.

  13. The corruption of judges and attorneys would knock your socks off. Harassing ppl to suicide and elderly to death! And then they laugh about it! I know. In one case, in one year, they harassed 3 to their death, all workers of wheelhouse marina. 3 lives that couldn’t take the harassment anymore. And they are still doing it….all for greed!!!!

  14. When is something going to be done about this? Judges that ruin honest, never been arrested for anything kind of people’s lives. They have stolen people’s inheritance and harassed some to death!!! Yes death! They can do anything they want anytime they want to complete NON CRIMINAL, honest, hard working families. They’ve made that perfectly clear to our family and made it clear if we don’t give everything to them they’ll go after other members of our family like our children!!!!

  15. How about the goid ol boy system in camden coumty about Don williams of the circuit court cumming up short on money but that was all blamed on Debi Kirby even though the embesseled money. Went through het ex husbands account merle Cross.or how about don willims son John Williams how did he get off holding his wife hostage and gun point for several days?but hold on there is another williams running for office!!!!Don williams running for commisioner i bealieve.

  16. All people posting are criminals or have had their kids taken away. Wow! Disgusting. Our DFS is great excluding 1 GAL which needs to go! Everyone is scared of him. They have helped me tremendously!

  17. Why is it that everyone that gets arrested has to go on pre probation and pay for the service along with a bond fee and drug testing? I paid a $1000.00 cash bond and now I have to pay a 10 dollars a week bond fee. I guess you are guilty till proven innocent in Camden county

    • That’s exactly what it is… And it’s all so they can make money. My bond was $75000 and I am completely innocent. So along with bond and a jail bill and the $10 a week fees I have to pay for a top dollar lawyer and a trial that will cost me thousands… Not to mention my children taken from me because I am a single mother. Needless to say I am out of there.

  18. To file a complaint against sheriff office after being directed all over state I was directed to POST program is this a place to file a real complaint or a way to just shut me up and passify me….

  19. If you want more kinds of infonlike thosbtongonon i sure could use the help investigating what i am!!! There are more children gone missing in camndenton mo and Barrnett mo then any other cities in the state and the reason for this is because of a thing called the” Organisation ” and i believ it to be linked to wicca and more dangerious and scary a satanic cult that has been going on in rocky mount Mo and Barnett and iberia for many many years its generational and there are so many women that are victims tonritual abuse here in this area then most know!! Most dont even know what ritual abuse is!! I have lived my entire life and been messed with twice now vety badly byva thing called the organisation and theyvhave litterely tried to swap me out for a guy in prison twice and or set me up to take a charge i cant beat and then be punished for fighting them ! I know a few hears back there was a satanic cult that was shut down on blue springs rode and there was a boy sacrficed in town and country along time ago that boy was a miller county jailers son. I was arrested in morgan county for doing nothing wrong at all and man alive were they excited to have me and i mean the officer was like we got him we got him it him and i have no clue whyvor whatvtheyvhad planned for me but i had to drop a name and fuck you back at them while en rout to county jail and i was held for 12 hours never charged with a crime and let go. Now there is alot more to everything all thesise investigations i have been conducting on my own and i have alot of people gunning for me right now. And if u have a someone who can be trusted i would love the help. or on face book Vingince Abbott. I know alot of the corruption has to do with this organization and it is a satanic organization in wich many high officials lawyers judges and childmolesters almost all of them. Its sick and fucked up and i thought i was alone in my fight. Please cantact me

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