Why We Stand

I was reminded, just now, why we are doing this.   I have repeated the mantra many times over the past few days.  I have said the words with passion, shouted them from the proverbial mountain top.  They have been my battle cry as I have plunged headlong into the unknown, newfound but fast friends and allies at my side.  I have repeated them like a …prayer, an invocation of protection. 

Solidarity.           Unity.              People. 

It is easy to get caught up in this.  It is easy, given the weight of our responsibility, to lose sight of the reasons we are all here.  There are times that looking for the enemy gets in the way of keeping sight of one’s friends. 

Solidarity.          Unity.    

Both words, powerful.  Both pale in comparison to the last: 


Shoulder to shoulder.  Brother and Sister.  Mother and Father.  Daughter and Son.  Parents.  Children.  Friends.

WE are why we stand.  We stand for one another, because THEY won’t.  We stand for one another, because we MUST.  

I am humbled by all of you, each and every day.  No matter what comes in the weeks and months that lie in our muddled future, know that I am glad to link arms with you, my friends.  I am glad to stand with you in the face of overwhelming odds, in insurmountable circumstance.  

We do this for one another.  We do this for ourselves.  We do it for our children and theirs. 


We do it for people. 

I thank you all.


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