Revolutionary Road

Brothers and Sisters. 

We stand today at a crossroads.  This is a moment in time that each of us must pause, take a deep breath and consider.  We should reflect on the reasons we are here and the paths we have taken to arrive at this point in our personal histories.  They are all unique, these paths.  Some sway side to side in a drunken stagger, others march straight ahead, as if toeing an invisible line.  They have all led us here individually, to this crossroads, this common ground. 

Before we go further, I feel it is important to share a bit of my perspective and motivation with you.   

I am a thirty-eight year old man.  I have three daughters, Korianna, Isabel and Kamden.  I have a beautiful, intelligent woman named Miranda at my side.  We have a boxer named Cricket, who wandered into our lives about two years ago.  I spent my last summer vacation having a double bypass due to awful genes.  We have a car payment, credit card bills and all the trappings that go along with raising a family today.  Monday morning, I will sling a paint brush to make a living, although ten years ago, I worked in Finance and Accounting for a Fortune 500 company.   

I worked in this industry long enough to see the hypocrisy that blighted the system, filling my personal role as a professional liar, raking in rewards for making the numbers and reports look ‘just right’.  After nearly a decade, I rebelled. 

I embezzled money from the company.  I spent time in Leavenworth Federal Prison, the same as Michael Vick.  In fact, we know a few of the same people.   

My decision to do this, to start this group, was not one taken lightly.  Doing so has put me in the position of having to do….well, THIS.  Frankly, under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t share any of this with any of you.  It isn’t your business and if this were a recipe club or any other type of facebook social group, it would never come up.  

The most valuable commodity we have however, is truth.  And as I am fond of saying, I will stand by the truth of my actions.  That was something I learned in both my previous work environments: corporate America and prison. 

I stand on the truth of those actions.  Those actions I have taken, I stand beside.  Might I have been over-protective of YOU, those who are still here.  Those who will BE here.  If I have erred on the side of caution, I apologize.   

Brothers and sisters, we stand here tonight on the crossroads of history.  We stand HERE.  We plant our feet, we say NO.   

No distraction.  Room for debate, always and certainly and PLEASE.  Please. 

I am not the smartest man among us.   

But I see through the bullshit. 

Brothers and Sisters,  I stand tonight on the beginning of the Revolutionary Road. 

If you are here, if you are with me… 

you know the truth. 

The time to stand has come.





The time to stand is right now. 

Not tomorrow.

Not next week.

Right NOW. 

The time to stand is now.

OUR Spring is HERE. 



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