Common Problems, Common Cause

I’ve had a bunch of people ask me this today and I figured this might be the easiest way to cover this to reach as many of you as possible at one time. I believe that our country’s government has fallen victim to what Eisenhower warned us about in his last State of the Union address. He famously termed it the “military industrial complex” but I would argue that term could easily be substituted with “transnational corporations”. These corporations, began to seize power in our country in the early 70’s.  Some could argue this change was due, in part, to legislation signed into effect by President Nixon. 

I would specifically point toward the insurance and health care industry as examples of those empowered by these first forays into enacting pro-corporate legislation.This trend continued into Reagan’s presidency, which saw several key pieces of legislation pass that have moved us into the current state of affairs we see before us. 

Perhaps one of the MOST important things Reagan did in his war on regulation, was to eliminate the Fairness Act. The Fairness Act ensured the American Public heard both sides of issues, that dissenting opinions were REQUIRED to receive equal time on television. The argument he made for this change is that it wasn’t “up to the govt to tell the people” anything. Free markets will determine what is well and good in all things, and thus, if people don’t want to hear an opinion, they don’t have to. 

What this really led to were channels like NewsCorp’s Fox network, a 24 hr propaganda machine for the extreme right. Rupert Murdoch is an old hand at this. He also promotes and controls media outlets in Europe and around the world that use the same tactics to influence arguments in the public mind. This led us to the dreaded Orwellian media we enjoy now. 

Our major networks, and most of the cables on my Dish guide, are owned by a scant handful of companies, eliminating competition for stories and, in fact, diluting network news departments into little more than the PR extension of the Transnational Corporate interests. How else can you explain that we have never, NEVER heard a mainstream story about BP getting $13 billion in our tax money for polluting  our Gulf? They are simply the PR arm, the spin and control arm, of this fascist American Empire we live in. 

We have witnessed political parties of both stripe take office and take control of Congress and we have watched as NOTHING much has gotten accomplished. We have seen some legislation pass, like Medicare Part D, where WRITTEN INTO THE LAW is the statement that the United States CANNOT negotiate bulk prescription drug prices for its 200 million Medicare customers. CANNOT negotiate a bulk discount. Isn’t that Wal-Mart’s business model? 

Why can’t we do that? Because Democrats and Republicans are cashing the same checks from the drug companies, that’s why.Why haven’t we seen a single prosecution in the aftermath of the Wall Street meltdown? Did you, Obama and his Atty General, FORGET about the BLATANT FRAUD perpetrated on the American people and the TRILLIONS of DOLLARS THAT WERE STOLEN FROM THE TAXPAYERS? 

Of course not. Obama would rather hire one of the criminals to run our treasury.Who was the largest contributing industry to our political process? Banking and Finance….see, they DO know how to get a hell of a return for an investment. We live in a society where recent rulings made in Supreme Courts at both the State and Federal levels, have made Class Action lawsuits harder to file,thereby making it harder to bring suit against a corporation with deep pockets. 

The US Supreme Court ruled that the drug corps have a TOTAL LIABILITY SHIELD against ANY DAMAGES RESULTING FROM VACCINATIONS. The Indiana Supreme Court Ruled the cops can come into your home without serving you a warrant if they have reason to believe you are destroying evidence. The US Supreme Court also ruled that corporations were granted the same freedom of speech as citizens. This not only means they are free to donate as much money to groups to anonymously influence EVERY issue on a ballot, but that they can also push those views at the workplace. They can try to influence on who to vote for based on their bottom line. The Kochs and other oligarchs have already engaged in this practice.  

The health care cartel is going to bankrupt our country, not because we couldn’t have affordable health care, but because they own the legislators who continue to use a system written and designed by the actual lobbyists themselves. That’s right. THE LOBBYISTS WRITE MOST OF OUR LAWS.  

Banks continue to seize homes with fraudulent documents in waves of foreclosures. The only reason that foreclosures aren’t as prevelent in the news right now is because the banks cannot stand up against the lawsuits brought by homeowners who have discovered this fraud. My grandma used to say ‘garbage in and garbage out’. That’s what those foreclosure cases are now. They were prepared and approved illegally to get them packaged and shipped up to Wall Street for the front side of the fraud and now, as it turns out, are completely worthless to evict a person with, when you get right down to it. Funny little mess and yet no one is in jail. 

What do I want from this group? What are my goals for it? We have a systemic problem, not a political one, here in our country. The control over our society and government, wielded secretly by transnational corporations, have created an American Empire. 

No longer are we a society of free people, with government of, for and by the people. Political parties and affiliations are irrelevant now. The transnational corporations realize they own the game. All of it. From Democrat to Republican to the President to the Supreme Court. 

They control our media intake, keep us clouded with the white noise of someone’s Twittered weiner and a trial that seems as though it has been funded by ‘news’ networks.  It is by design, this white noise. We have been kept blind. We’ve been blinded to a loss of our freedoms, through both legislative and economic means. They are threatening education, so the next generation, those who do not know emails used to be private, cell phone conversations, location information…all this used to be a God given right…our right to privacy. 

It’s being taken away. I want us to stand up, all of us, in every corner, and join our friends in Spain, in Greece, in Italy, in the UK,  in the Middle East and around the world. They are protesting for what we all should: The chance at having a comfortable life, a good job, a healthy family, peace…..and a big piece of chicken at the end of it all. 

They are protesting because they too, know, if not now, when? If not us, who? Our country wasn’t supposed to be this way. We weren’t supposed to prey on the weak in order to throw a few more coins up the ladder. We weren’t supposed to invade other countries and rape them of their resources, their money, their dignity. We weren’t supposed to buy water sources as a means of profit and control. We weren’t meant for this. 

Our people, the American people, are better than that. We are a lot of things.  Does cruel have be one of them? For crying out loud, because OUR STATE DPEARTMENT doesn’t like that Cuba and Chavez got Haiti a little further down the road to recovery, we endorsed bulldozing the homeless shelters down for earthquake victims. People STILL lived in those shacks. We did it because we weren’t happy that they took that help.   They just wanted electricity.   We are arresting people in THIS country for feeding the homeless. 

We must take our government back. We need to protest physically, via the internet, radio…any and all of the means we can avail ourselves of to spread our message that, enough is enough. We can DEMAND immediate public debate. We can DEMAND they answer to us, as it is meant to be. We can DEMAND constitutional separations between corporations and government. We can DEMAND health care for all people. We can DEMAND that banksters be tried for their crimes. We can DEMAND complete transparency in our government, RIGHT NOW. We can, and should DEMAND better than this. 

The corporate corruption has transformed our country into a fascist American Empire. We MUST act to stop it before our window closes. They are already trying to squeeze the internet. We don’t have much time. We have to shine a light. We have to stare it down. We can, if we can get of our couches long enough to bother. 

Paul Ellison


1 thought on “Common Problems, Common Cause

  1. The Great Western Wall
    A self-made very wealthy manufacturer in China recently explained that we Americans are unwittingly imprisoned within The Great Western Wall. Our mainstream media = The Great Western Wall.

    Unlike the Iron Curtain or Berlin Wall of Soviet Union, he says Amercans are free to leave – but we are unaware of our imprisonment – self imposed. We put out hands over ears when anyone points at reality – we don’t want to hear the truth
    When we travel abroad, most Americans stay informed daily by US media. We sight see – we eat in foreign restaurants – but we stay at Marriott where are indoctrination is safe.

    The rest of the world – shake their heads in disbelief that we don’t rise up as a people and retake our nation – you Americans have magnicent Constitition – and don’t use it – or know how.

    A few of us here and there are awakening, and Storm Clouds are gathering.

    From time to time the Tree of Liberty must be refreshed with blood of patriots and tyrants. Thomas Jefferaon

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