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Paul Ellison is a native Missourian who has lived in the Lake of the Ozarks area most of his adult life.  This lifelong Chiefs fan and founded the anti-corporate online activist group American Spring earlier this year.

American Spring has been dedicated to eliminating the corruption and control corporations have on our government.  With a variety of online actions and protests, and with citizen-based reporting, American Spring has been at the heart of the global revolution, unafraid to speak truth to power.


17 thoughts on “About Us

  1. With the fizzle of the cold weather and clamp down by police, what is the next step?
    Is there going to be a regrouping for 2012 May 1st?

  2. Mr. Ellison, you should look at the stuff that is going on within the Camden County Sheriffs Department. It has went form a community law enforcement agency to a department run on political buddy systems and egocentric motives. Over 42 employees have left since Dwight Franklin has taken office in 2008 and more to come I am sure if he is re-elected. He is padding his pockets on the tax payers coffer. Some of these things include: starting a DWI unit in a county that is already saturated with enforcement when he could put the money to use in areas such as criminal investigations, taking school resource officers out of the schools as a budget cut, spending an excess of $20000 on new uniforms when he came in office, creating an illegal Quota system for his officers(called the OPI) and discipling them if they dont make it, there is so much more but I haven’t the room to list it all, its best you look into it yourself… I would hope your cause holds validity and will expand to more than just one or two office holders… Good luck in your endeavors and I hope you can make a postive change…

      • I appreciate you jumping up and taking the reins. Election is right around the corner and another 4 years of Franklin as sheriff I am afraid would devastate this county… The peverbial good ole boy system is worse than it has ever been. I for one am tired of paying taxes to the county that is in turn padding the pockets of fat cats who care about nothing but thier pocket books… In my opinion… thats Dwight Franklin… Its time to look to law enforcement for help, not with dismay..I for one am ready to see a community based law enforcment again… Have a great day Mr. Ellison..

          • I appreciate your hard work in this matter. With around 30 days left in the election, I am hoping Camden County wakes up and weighs what the last four years has brought. In my opinion all he has done is spent more money to improve his image yet done nothing for the community. With the former sheriff running against Franklin, I hope people weigh what that man has accomplished against what Franklin has done and they will see that Page was a much better resource as sheriff than Franklin and his bureaucratic good ole boys. I caution you as you go through the budget to watch the hidden pit falls as they are everywhere. From taking money to add to the pocket salary of his underlings to pushing good veteran officers out of thier job to lower his payroll in order to hire younger ones that don’t have the expierence to tell him no or to even know better. Again, Thanks for your continued fortitude in bring out the truth…

  3. Good work on the Camdenton central office inner workings. It will be interesting to hear the stories of other folks run out of their jobs.

  4. Hi Paul,
    Just a short note I couldn’t catch the broadcast last night. Every time I tried to access it gave me an error to retry.
    I do want to say I did not realize that I had spoken for 10 minutes. Shocked me but I am glad I did have the opportunity. Second do I think it was impactful. Not really. For when you are on the opposite side they listen but when only one will try to do something you are still in the same boat you floated in on. Bill Pragman and his group have a great deal of time to devote to being in Kris Frankens ear and to a certain extent Bev’s. All in all I don’t see any changes in the way the P&Z is run. What needs to happen to have a fair P&Z Board is that these positons not be appointed but elected like the fire boards.
    I would hope one takeaway from what I spoke was Hathaways ownership of the way the folks at the 2 businesses were treated and anyone else that he has managed to offend, and cost, money and time. He was able to walk away without claiming the ownership of his screw ups and I am positive he is receiving a glowing recommendation from this county.

  5. I have a story a case I would like you to look into. Can you contact me via e-mail? It is another case in Camden County.

  6. i also have a horrific cover up story with the camden county police department that involves attempted murder… can contact me as well please

    • What was this story about ?? I try to help and dig into cases and or matters thst have been some whst let settle and i grew up here and know alot of people in. All sifes of thid world wuch helps. Anyways ig u lime to tell me the story ilm try snd help ya anyway i can

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