Netflix Picks Up Jason Bateman’s Drama Series ‘Ozark’ | Deadline

Hmm…a Lake of the Ozarks drama, centered on the murky waters of an organized criminal enterprise?  Does that ring any bells?

I wonder if they typed ‘dirtiest county in america’ on Google or if they are familiar with Lake Area government?

The truth is ALWAYS stranger than fiction…ask Joyce.

Doing the Backstroke: Watch “MO House Rep Franklin and MO Highway Patrol KRMS Interview March 4, 2016” on YouTube

Last week, MO State Rep. Diane Franklin was running away from her support for a de-merger between the State Highway and State Water Patrol’s, despite overwhelming public support in favor.
Leslie Chamberlin with Citizens For a Better Camden County and residents at the Lake of the Ozarks address the issue with ‘Rep. Flounder’ on KRMS.