UPDATE: Grandmother Speaking Out For Grandchildren Faces Sanctions: Child Trafficking and Missouri Schools

Tuesday, April 29, in Missouri’s 26th Judicial Circuit, one of the most important cases in recent memory will be tried. In this case, Denny Lagares is defending his parental rights against a host of agencies, including the Lebanon school district and the Laclede county DFS.

Last Thursday, April 24, a motion was filed against Denny’s mother, Sherry Lagares. Sherry, grandmother to Kyle and Nicole, has been ruled as an ‘interested party’ in the custody matter of her grandchildren. Amanda Rollins and her lawyer, Ruth Schulte, filed a motion for sanctions against this local grandmother for speaking out in order to protect her grandchildren.

The motion below is a copy of that filed with the court and Judge Aaron Koeppen. It clearly states that, because of her advocacy for her grandchildren’s health and well-being, Sherry Lagares, should be reprimanded by the court. The motion cites a number of interviews conducted on the American Spring podcast/internet radio show, Guerrilla Radio.

Ruth Schulte has made the legal argument that a grandmother cannot advocate for the safety of her own grandchildren.

Stay tuned for ongoing coverage of this trial and our investigation into ‘Child Trafficking and Missouri Schools’ continues…….



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