American Spring’s Morning Toast: Monday, April 7


Bitter….but worth every bite.


Part One of ‘Two Elections, One Lawyer’ as we look at Charlie McElyea’s role and influence in this election cycle and his recent exploits in the Camden County courthouse, which have led to a formal complaint. We also look at the MCFPD race and Charlie’s ‘Goodfellas’ shakedown of taxpayers in the district.

ALSO: The investigation continues into ‘Child Trafficking and Missouri Schools’, with a case from the Macks Creek school district. Is the school being used to affect a custody battle in Camden County family court?

AND: ‘The Mystery of Donnie Erwin‘ continues as volunteers sought the help of fishermen in this weekend’s bass tournament. The family responds to statements from the CCSD that ‘maybe a tourist will find’ Donnie…

HIGH NOON ON GUERRILLA RADIO: More stories from Macks Creek as we talk live to a man who was charged with not registering as a sex offender and now sits in legal limbo. There is more to this story than meets the eye…

AND: More on the ongoing investigation ‘Child Trafficking and Missouri Schools’ as we look at a second case unfolding in our community….

Stay tuned to for the very latest in news from Camdenton to the Congo. Follow on Twitter @AmericanSpring or on the Facebook page Guerrilla Radio with American Spring. Guerrilla Radio is on Monday through Friday from noon until two in the afternoon. Tuesday’s Prime Time edition of Guerrilla Radio is live at 8. All shows are archived on line for easy access.


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