A Daughter’s Words: Camdenton School Board Election

The following piece if from Natalie Sales, a student in the Camdenton Middle School. It is in regards to her mother’s campaign for school board. I am happy to call both Natalie and her mother, Mindi, friends.

Tomorrow is the school board election!! WOW! This definitely came fast… As many of you know, my mother is running for school board. Of course there has been a lot of controversy surrounding where she stands with many things and what she wants to do with this community. My mother is not only a loving person, but a person with a lot of faith. What Lake Sun has portrayed her as and is still trying to portray her as is completely a lie.

Let me tell you a bit about my mom. She is so not in this election to “fire” anyone. She is not in this election for her own personal “agenda.” But, she is in this election because she wants the truth out. Something about my mom is that she has always been a seeker of the truth. She is not a quitter she is a fighter and she will never back down from speaking the truth. She has never been one to just comply with what everyone else says.

This past March has been tough, I won’t lie. Seeing my mom fight for what is right and being put down constantly, because liars don’t want to truth exposed is hard. She is my mom and of course I don’t like to see her being attacked. But I get it, it is apart of this world. Not everyone is going to agree with what you say. But being attacked on things that are irrelevant is completely absurd. For example, the Lake Sun trying to attack my mother on homeschooling my 3 sisters is just plain DUMB. As an American citizen you have every right to do that and to question whether she has the best interest of the kids in the district is down right ignorant.

Trying to attack her character is unacceptable. Her love for this community is something I can’t describe. I have asked her over and over again, “Mom, what if you don’t win the election?” And, she always responds with, “Then God has a better plan for me.” She is at peace with what the community comes to terms with. But, if you want a voice, if you want someone who cares about the TEACHERS, if you want someone that doesn’t have an agenda, and if you want someone who will do what is best for the entire community not just a selected few. My mother is the one to vote for.

I know, she is my mother, so you all are probably thinking of course you would support her. But what she is doing is much deeper than she is my mom and I want her to win. I know she has the best interest of us kids and this district.

Lake Sun, shame on you guys for not being truthful. When you try and attack my mom and make it look like she is a liar, you are just looking worse than you did before. You can laugh and think that my mom is some idiot who doesn’t know what she is talking about. But, when you make it known that you are completely biased, you not only affect my mom, but you affect our family.

Those of you who can’t even talk because you’re afraid that you will be fired, I am so sorry. And those of you who can’t talk because you have to cover up all of your lies, shame on you.

Stop worrying about offending people, stop worrying about what other people do. And start looking at the truth. Start, figuring out what my mother is really about.

I am sure people will see this and laugh. But I ask, for just once Lake Sun, could you think about the truth and that your actions and articles not only affect the person you are attacking, but their family.

Truth sounds like hate to those who hate truth.

Love you mom.


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