The following was written by Mindi Sales, candidate for Camdenton school board. It is in response to a ridiculous article from Hillard. Mini-Joyce follows Miller’s lead in ensuring the Lake Sun has zero credibility.


More than anything, I am embarrassed for her. Yesterday morning, as I was sitting at my kitchen table, I received a phone call from poor Spree. She said she needed clarification on something I had said. “No problem” I thought. According to her, there had be several Facebook messages sent to her saying that I was not “transparent” with one of my answers to a question the newspaper (I use that term loosely) had asked me.

The question was: How many children do you have in the district? I said 4. I have 4 children living in the district.

Now, supposedly “several people” sent in Facebook messages about this answer. If anyone had any questions, why would they not contact me directly? I have a website with an email attached to it. I am on Facebook. If people were concerned about finding out the TRUTH, they would contact me about it, not try to encourage the poor newspaper to print a nonstory.

Now, most of us know the newspaper’s history of not being truth tellers. But, I am a forgiving person, and have politely taken Spree’s calls hoping that maybe they were ready to do the right thing. NOPE!!! They have proven once again that they are NOT about being fair, honest, and respectable. They are about their agenda, and trying their best to discredit good people by printing nonstories or slanted articles.

Let’s talk about homeschooling. I have never hid that I homeschool! I talk about it on FB on the time, on Instagram, and out and about in public. I am proud to homeschool! Now, my choice to homeschool has NOTHING to do with our district, because obviously I adore Laker Nation. In fact, many of my good friends are teachers and staff at the school. Do you really think they would be friends with me if I was in any way saying something bad about them?!??! The teachers know I am the only candidate willing to listen to them and do something about it. How do I know this? They tell me!!! I started homeschooling my younger three this year because of the Common Core curriculum. This is no secret! When my kids were in school, I adored EVERY teacher they had. I have absolutely no complaints about the teachers here! To imply anything else is disgusting and disgraceful. When I spoke with Sean Dandoy (principal at Dogwood), Todd Shockley (the principal at Hawthorn) and Paula Brown (principal at the middle school) I told them all that I did not like the Common Core curriculum.

Now, my oldest, Natalie, is very informed on Common Core. She actually does presentations informing people about Common Core and why she does not support it. She has also met with the Governor of Iowa to discuss Common Core. If you know her, you know she is feisty and passionate. She continues to go to school because she recognizes Common Core and is very vocal about exerting her rights. If she is not comfortable doing something because of the curriculum or the data collection, she lets the teacher know.

I have never heard of a newspaper going after someone for homeschooling!! REALLY?!??! I think that the fact that I homeschool is a great asset! I dedicate all my time to my kids and their education. What more could you ask for in a school board member?!!?

Hopefully this session the legislature will vote to get common core out of the state of Missouri. When that happens, my kiddos will be back in school. Until then, I will continue to dedicate my time to them and make their education my top priority. I still feel sorry for Spree that she needed to try in some way say that my dedication to my kids’ education is a bad thing!

Another quick note….The article made it sound like I wanted to clarify my answer. NOT TRUE!! She said to me “I am giving you the opportunity to clarify your answers.” I asked her “It is a requirement that you have kids in the district to run for School Board?” If that is the case, Joe Ridgeway doesn’t have any kids “enrolled” in the district. When I am asked question about my kids, would Spree prefer that I only discuss Natalie because she is the only one “enrolled”? So am I to ignore the fact that I have three other kids?!?!? I have four beautiful daughters! I will always discuss all four of them, not just one! How silly is it to expect a dedicated mother to only discuss the “enrolled” daughter! Embarrassing Spree!

Does this all make you disgusted? If it does, and you are so sick of the Lake Sun trying to sell papers by trying to bash good people, here are a few things you can do.

1- Call them!!! Call the paper and let them know you are ready for real journalism. Their number is 573 346 2132

2- Don’t buy the paper until they decide to report NEWS.

3- Ask those that advertise in the newspaper to stop until the Lake Sun apologizes for their unprofessionalism and vows to make a change.

Laker Nation, thank you for the support! I so appreciate it! I am blessed!


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