American Spring’s Morning Toast: Thursday, April 3


Bitter….but worth every bite.

A leaked email from DESE offers spite and reveals Common Core’s ‘bigger picture’ with regards to local control of our district. In Camdenton, local control is an illusion.

Right-wing activists are the only opponents of Common Core in Missouri….so says DESE. Really?

AND: The Lake Sun and Spree Hilliard, who claims on her Twitter account ‘follows a big God’, run a smear campaign against a local mom and her candidacy for school board. It is unclear at this time how Spree will justify this shameful behavior when spending quiet time with that ‘big God’.

Candidate Mindi Sales responds to the latest garbage from the tabloid…

AND: The Lake Sun has a clear and troubling history with regards to lying to and manipulating the public. We have a collection of their greatest hits compiled for your review…you won’t believe how untrustworthy the Lake Sun truly is…

Join us at high noon for Guerrilla Radio with American Spring….call and join the conversation 718-664-6859


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