Franken Lies In Early Smear Campaign Against Greg Hasty

This letter, signed by Kris Franken, clearly states that his "challenger's sole platform is the elimination of Planning and Zoning".

This letter, signed by Kris Franken, clearly states that his “challenger’s sole platform is the elimination of Planning and Zoning”.

This letter, written, signed and circulated by candidate Kris Franken to selected voters in the first district and Horseshoe Bend earlier this month. The letter, and the lie around which the above segment is formed, is a clear indication of the direction of his campaign. It is also another tiring example of an established pattern of pathological behavior displayed by Franken since his election in 2010.

“In contrast to our record of accomplishments together, my challenger’s sole platform is the elimination of Planning and Zoning.”

Greg Hasty appeared last year on an episode of Guerrilla Radio with American Spring, in which he talked extensively about Camden County Planning and Zoning. Not once did he mention the elimination of P & Z. While he certainly acknowledged the many problems with how Planning and Zoning has been administered in Camden County, not once did he state that it should be “eliminated”. Instead, he expressed a desire to revisit the Planning and Zoning, the county’s ULUC and Master Plan, to ensure that these make sense for Camden County residents and taxpayers.

Greg Hasty currently sits on the Planning and Zoning board for the city of Camdenton, where he has served for the better part of ten years. To date, this city department has not been “eliminated”, nor has Hasty ever made such a proposal.

While the last part of that sentence, written and signed by Franken, is a clear and outrageous lie, it is the first part of the sentence that is most telling:

“In spite of our record of accomplishments together…”

Here, Franken, like an amateur-hour poker player, clearly shows his hand.

As has been extensively reported, problems have plagued Camden County Planning and Zoning during Franken’s tenure in the courthouse. Most recently, Don Hathaway resigned under a dark cloud of swirling allegations and an inquiry from the Missouri State Attorney General’s office regarding violations of Sunshine Law.

“In spite of our record of accomplishments together…”

In the wake of Hathaway’s sudden resignation, he discussed an investigation that was conducted into his behavior during an interview that first appeared in the Jefferson City News-Tribune. The investigation of Hathaway resulted in an unpaid two-week suspension for the former Planning and Zoning administrator.

In that same interview, when asked about the results of this investigation, Kris Franken again has a problem with the truth. He states that the investigation results were “inconclusive”.

This is at odds with the facts, as Hathaway’s suspension would indicate that there was cause to withhold his salary for two weeks. It is also at odds with Cliff Luber’s assessment of the investigation, who indicated that he would like the results made public.

“In spite of our record of accomplishments together…”

Hathaway’s resignation is only the most recent of a string of problems the controversial department has faced while under Franken’s purview and Hathaway’s administration. The department has been ran in violation of the ULUC, resulting in huge cost overruns in legal fees for the taxpayers of Camden County. The rule of law has been discarded in the selective, punitive use of the department.

Planning and Zoning has been the servant of special interests in the Lake of the Ozarks area since Franken took office in 2010. Hathaway, an imported representative of special interests himself, arrived shortly after and thus began the transformation of P and Z.

This shift in mission for Planning and Zoning, which Franken takes credit for, has led to repeated charges of selective enforcement, the disregard for the ULUC itself and the use of the department to the benefit of Lake of the Ozarks special interests.

“In spite of our record of accomplishments together…”

Late last year, when Hathaway returned after his unpaid suspension, two rallies took place at the Camden County courthouse. The first was a protest against the reinstatement of Hathaway due to repeated abuses. The second stood in favor of Hathaway and the direction of P&Z.

Usual suspects Joe Roeger, Kim Krostue and the Johnsons were in attendance. Chants of support could be heard around their video cameras and between the bites of donuts, brought to the support group by Dann Hayworth. Hayworth recently announced an early retirement in the wake of Hathaway’s resignation.

The usual suspects, who populate the leadership of the Camden County Republican Club and the newly formed PAC, showed up in full support of the many abuses committed by the P&Z department. These abuses, after all, weren’t targeting them.

“In spite of our record of accomplishments together…”

One has to wonder, given the track record, what these ‘accomplishments’ are supposed to be?

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