The Dirtiest County in America?

‘Camden County, Missouri: Dirtiest County in America?’ is a collection of articles that outlines, in shocking detail, an unbelievable network of corruption in Camden County, located in central Missouri.

Camden County is located at the Lake of the Ozarks, encompassing the vast majority of Osage Beach and portions of Lake Ozark. Camdenton, Missouri is the county seat and is at the eye of the proverbial storm.

Recently, a federal lawsuit was filed against a wide range of the government entities and their agents. This list included, among other Defendants, the Camdenton school district, the Missouri Department of Family Services, the Camden County Sheriff Department and Judges of the 26th Circuit of Missouri.

The lawsuit, and the despicable story behind it, is the framework upon which this nightmarish reality is constructed.

‘Family Under Seige’

It is the centerpiece of an investigation into all aspects of Camden County government. What has been uncovered is a convoluted web of incestuous relationships, associations and special interests that
beg the question: Is Camden County, Missouri the dirtiest county in America?

‘Child Trafficking and Missouri Schools’ looks at an unbelievable case of the Lagares family. They dared defy the school system’s unlawful assertion of authority in the 1990’s only to face the full crushing weight of the Lake of the Ozark’s bully system today. The lengths to which corruption has spread throughout the Lake of the Ozarks body politic is evident and provides the final diagnosis that something sickening is going on under the facade of the popular tourist destination, the Lake of the Ozarks.

‘The District’ is a hard-hitting, honest look at the inner workings of the Camdenton school district. What has emerged is a series of articles that speak of ritualistic, systematic abuses against staff, students, taxpayers and families. It outlines the silent coup in one Missouri school district, as an unlawful assumption of authority has transformed this district. Assertions of power by administrators and their attorneys have led to the installation of a brutal, vengeful bully system in the Camdenton school district. This bully system is turned against anyone who would dare defy it and is used to frighten people into silence through the unspoken threat of retribution against children.

‘To Protect and Serve?’ looks at the Camden County Sheriff’s Department and their historical record under current Sheriff Dwight Franklin. A frightening picture begins to develop as stories of lawlessness, brutality, targeting, selective enforcement, fiscal irresponsibility and questionable behavior are entered into evidence. CCSD has earned the title ‘American Gestapo’.

‘The Ministries of Truth’ is a look at the local Lake of the Ozarks media outlets and their willingness to act as accomplices in the many transgressions of the elite. A clear and direct relationship is displayed throughout this look at lake media outlets. It is the relationship between the bottom line and credibility. It is a case study in the willingness of these outlets to trade that credibility, and the public’s trust, for pennies on the dollar.

‘The Franken File’ is a look at the Camden County Courthouse over the past year. Kris Franken, special interest darling, has had his fingers in several dirty pies during his tenure in the courthouse. This is an examination of those and the outlying issues relating to county government, such as the selective and punitive use of Planning and Zoning and the actions to hide what is going on behind closed doors.

‘The Usual Suspects’ is a look at some of the special interest ‘front men’ in the Lake of the Ozarks. This group of elitists, through the sway they hold over both county government and local media, have sought to impose their will on the residents of Camden County. We do a complete line-up here for your consideration.


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