Judge Koeppen’s Recusal Hearing: UPDATE Child Trafficking and MO Schools

The Lagares family has been under siege as a campaign has been waged against them.

The Lagares family has been under siege as a campaign has been waged against them.

Friday morning at 10:00 AM in the Camden County Courthouse, the latest chapter in the ongoing investigation of ‘Child Trafficking and Missouri Schools‘ will write itself. Then, 26th Circuit Judge William Hass will hear arguments regarding the recusal of Judge Aaron Koeppen from the case of Denny Lagares and his children.

In a court proceeding earlier this month, Judge Aaron Koeppen made the surprising move of asking attorney’s involved in the case if anyone wanted him to recuse himself. Denny Lagares, currently proceeding as pro se, stated that yes, he would like to present an argument for recusal.

As discussed on Guerrilla Radio with American Spring in hours of interviews conducted as part of the ongoing investigation into Child Trafficking and Missouri Schools, Denny was not expecting this development.

When he appeared in court earlier this month, Denny was expecting a simple proceeding, the acceptance of his former attorney, Christopher Rohrer’s motion to withdraw. Instead, what unfolded was controversial.

As recounted by the Lagares’ on Guerrilla Radio with American Spring, discussion began around the federal suit filed by Denny and Ginger in federal court. During that discussion, Judge Koeppen appeared to be soliciting opinions from the flock of attorneys, including Brad York, GAL for the children and Ruth Schulte, representing Amanda Rollins and Patrick Colgan, on the federal case. He may also have danced close to a dangerous line.

In asking questions of Denny Lagares, who filed the suit, about the federal case, in which Judge Koeppen and many of the attorneys present are named Defendants, it would appear a legal dilemma is created. Denny Lagares, should he decline to answer Judge Koeppen’s questions about the federal case, could, in theory, be held in contempt of court.

It was near the end of this discussion that Judge Koeppen made the offer of recusal to all interested parties.

A live update, time permitting, will be on Friday’s Guerrilla Radio at noon.

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