American Spring’s Morning Toast: Friday, March 28

Bitter….but worth every bite.

Today’s full plate of toast starts off with a little good news, some jam if you will, to take the sting off…



Cliff Luber introduces a formal proposal to revise the ULUC to fix the county’s mistake. Contrary to the ‘status quo’, THIS proposal for revision is being properly submitted.

And Franken’s fiascoes seem to have caught up with him….and typically, he pouts...

Meanwhile, Greg Hasty impresses at his Sunrise Beach meet and greet event…

AND: Judge Koeppen puts a hearing on his own recusal on the fast track. Today at 10 AM in the Camden County Courthouse, the next chapter in the ongoing investigation into the systematic violation of rights, ‘Child Trafficking and Missouri Schools’ will be written. Tune into Guerrilla Radio today for live updates as they are available.

ALSO: Missouri Senators are concerned about teacher suppression tactics being employed against those who resist and want to speak out against Common Core. Sound familiar Camdenton?

See this video from the Missouri Education Watchdog


Grants and developments in Lake Ozark via ‘affordable upscale’ housing…. (Umm…what?!?)


The case of Donnie Erwin, missing resident of Camdenton, continues…


Seattle teachers spark a nationwide movement…

BP survivors are removed from a federal courtroom during a Fairness hearing…

US autism rates are rising…

AND Former President Jimmy Carter on the NSA….

Tune into Guerrilla Radio with American Spring today at high noon for the F-U Friday edition of the show and updates on the Lagares case.

Parental discretion is advised.

Stay tuned to for the very latest in news from Camdenton to the Congo. Follow on Twitter @AmericanSpring or on the Facebook page Guerrilla Radio with American Spring. Guerrilla Radio is on Monday through Friday from noon until two in the afternoon. Tuesday’s Prime Time edition of Guerrilla Radio is live at 8. All shows are archived on line for easy access.


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