Commissioners Luber, Thomas Address Incorrectly Zoned Properties

Thursday afternoon, Second District Camden County Commissioner Cliff Luber announced that he and First District Commissioner Bev Thomas had drafted and sent a formal request to the county’s Planning and Zoning Commission. This request, presented below, would seek to address properties in the county that have been, through the actions of the county, inappropriately zoned.

Currently, if a property were incorrectly zoned when Planning and Zoning was implemented, a property owner would have to pay out-of-pocket in order to have the issue corrected. In several cases presented over the months by Commissioner Luber, the historical use of properties simply did not match with Camden County’s P & Z zoning. Businesses and farms were zoned as Residential properties. This was the result of Planning and Zoning map inaccuracies. Each of these cases cost the property owners an $800 fee to correct the county’s mistake. This has been the status quo since Planning and Zoning was established in the county.

The following press release was issued from Second District Commissioner Cliff Luber. This announcement is the culmination of his effort to restore common sense and equity to Camden County Planning and Zoning.

Since my first few month in office, I began advocating for a change in the Unified Land Use Code regarding improperly zoned property at the time Planning & Zoning was implemented. Citizens currently have to pay an $800.00 rezoning fee to rezone their property back to its existing use, which was no fault of their own. Under 1402 of the ULUC, Commissioner Thomas and I voted today to send a request to the P&Z board for formal consideration of a change to the code. I currently have two mis-zoned properties on my desk that need a proper resolution. I want to thank Commissioner Thomas for her assistance in this matter.

Cliff Luber

Your 2nd District Camden County Commissioner.

P&Z Board request letter

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