American Spring’s Morning Toast: Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Yesterday, Joe Roeger and his ‘neighborhood’ suffered a fatal set back as his plan for expanding Highway 242 was not approved by MODoT engineers…

‘TIGER 5 D.O.A.’

Also, Charlie Mac’s argument regarding ‘work product’ isn’t without merit….Why doesn’t that make taxpayers in Camden County feel any better…?

‘Despite Cheese, Mac’s Argument Has Merit’

Tonight, meet candidate for Presiding Commissioner Greg Hasty at 5:00 PM. He will be at Captain Ron’s for a meet and greet event this evening. Stop by and hear the alternative to the ‘status quo’.

‘Hasty for Presiding Commissioner’

Don Hathaway recent emotional outburst in the pages of the News Tribune has many wondering if the former administrator of P and Z has lost his ever-loving mind…

‘Hathaway’s ‘Ass Chewing”

AND: The history behind the Camdenton, Eldon and School of the Osage’s legal representation. How Mickes, Goldman and O’Toole got their start…

‘Partners Oust Mickes’

Tune into Guerrilla Radio with American Spring today at high noon. We will be joined by Terry Akins, Missouri labor leader, live from Jefferson City at the ‘Right To Work’ protest.

AND: Second District Commissioner Cliff Luber joins us to talk about the state of affairs in the Camden County Courthouse….

Call in and join the conversation. 718-664-6859

Stay tuned to for more on these and other stories. Follow us on Twitter @AmericanSpring or on Facebook at Guerrilla Radio with American Spring.


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