TIGER 5 D.O.A. : Mr. Roeger’s Neighborhood Expansion Halted

The death blow appears to have been struck against the expansion of Highway 242 from the west side of the Community Bridge to Highway 5 in Sunrise Beach. This comes after an expected proposal for funding from the County Commission evaporated into thin air. The Camden County Commission, expected to hear a proposal that would ask the County for approximately $6,500. This amount represented half of the cost to have an ‘insider’ write the TIGER 5 grant. The proposal was never given. The funds, wisely, weren’t asked for. As a result, the commission simply wrote a letter of support for the project, instead of committing tax dollars to this private partnership.

On Tuesday’s meeting of the unelected LOCLG’s TAC, Joe Roeger and Kris Franken listened as Bob Lynch from the Missouri Department of Transportation gave the proposal’s eulogy. Lynch said the TIGER 5 grant for the proposed expansion of Highway 242 did not have the support of MoDot engineers.

This would seem to send Joe Roeger back to the drawing board…

For more on this story, tune into tonight’s episode of Guerrilla Radio with American Spring, the prime time edition.

Eight tonight. Call in and join the conversation.


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