Despite Cheese, Mac’s Argument About Work Product Could Have Merit

After slip sliding to a position of concern that McElyea’s billing could expose the county to harm, Camden County attorney Charles McElyea proposed the legal rationale for why his billing records could be kept from public view. His rationale is that an attorney’s billing could be claimed as ‘work product’. This is a practice that can be and is used often by attorneys.

While that may be the case, the very nature of this claim, as relating to government, is frightening for citizens who would demand oversight. It means that any and all billing details could be concealed from the public paying the tab. It means that we the people could be denied knowing why so much money is funneled through an attorney’s office.

While this assertion can be made, it is clear that someone in the chain of responsibility dropped the ball. Billing statements that should be properly redacted and withheld from public view, were not. This is truly concerning, considering the amount of time both Charlie Mac and Rowland have spent in their positions with the County.


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