American Spring’s Morning Toast: Tuesday, March 25

Bitter…but worth every bite!

Don Hathaway recently gave a follow-up interview to the Lake Today and News Tribune reporter Ceil Abbott, in which he points to his own potential conflict of interest and cried that he was tired of getting his “ass chewed”.

You simply cannot make this stuff up.

‘Hathaway’s “Ass Chewing”‘

Yes, really.

‘Hasty For Presiding Commissioner’

Tomorrow evening, there is a meet and greet event for Greg Hasty, candidate for Presiding Commissioner of Camden County. Get the details, as well as Greg’s resume and audio of a town hall meeting he participated in, here.

The Missouri Attorney General’s office claims they have no ‘responsibility to find the truth’. No, that isn’t a misprint.

Indiana became the first state to say NO to Common Core. Where does Missouri stand in this fight?

The House passed legislation they claim will restrict the NSA’s illegal spying programs….unfortunately that is only a claim….

A toxic landfill in Missouri draws the attention of the Attorney General’s office…the story from Bridgeton.

And in Northeast Missouri, a board member questions stipends awarded to administration while teachers wages stagnate

Critics say that Missouri policies are blocking programs for the needy….

Tomorrow at high noon on Guerrilla Radio with American Spring:

Keith Broekemeier interviews Missouri Union leader Terry Akins live from Jefferson City in a rally against ‘Right to Work’ legislation. Part of a new feature on Guerrilla Radio with American Spring, ‘Show-Me Politics’…

AND: Camden County Second District Commissioner Cliff Luber joins us….we have PLENTY to discuss…

Join us tonight eight for the prime time edition of Guerrilla Radio with American Spring.

TONIGHT: Mac and Cheese…

Questions linger regarding the recent suspension of Sunshine Law regarding his billing records. While there is certainly merit to the argument that his bills can be considered ‘work product’, why wasn’t sensitive information redacted?

We will be joined by Theresa Townsend and Leslie Chamberlin…

Call in and join the conversation. 718-664-6859

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