Hathaway’s “Ass Chewing”

On Sunday, March 23, 2014, the Jefferson City News Tribune weighed in on the resignation of Planning and Zoning administrator Don Hathaway. The article, written by Ceil Abbott, mentions, for the first time in any detail, an investigation that was conducted into Hathaway’s behavior in office. The result of this investigation was Hathaway’s being placed on an unpaid, two-week suspension.

The News Tribune, the parent of The Lake Today, reprinted excerpts of Hathaway’s resignation letter. They also conducted a follow-up interview with Hathaway after his resignation was tendered during last Wednesday evening’s meeting of the Planning and Zoning commission.

While the article reiterates the ‘reasons’ Hathaway cited for his resignation, it is woefully short on context. The by actions taken by Hathaway while serving as Planing and Zoning administrator and his checkered history in the Camden County Planning and Zoning department are ignored in this article, presenting a one-sided, disingenuous account of Hathaway’s tenure.

In a ‘follow-up’ interview, Hathaway was allowed to create a revisionist history regarding the events that led to his resignation.

No counterpoints were offered to Hathaway’s claims in this article. No questions were asked regarding the controversial history of the department under Hathaway. Nor was there any mention of the inquiry into Camden County Planning and Zoning that has reached the office of the Missouri Attorney General.

The News Tribune presented an article which appears to paint Hathaway as a ‘victim’ rather than the ignorant, abusive administrator he proved himself to be through repeated actions.

In addition to claims Hathaway made in his letter of resignation, read aloud at the end of last week’s meeting of the Planning and Zoning Board, Hathaway went on to make additional comments to Ceil Abbott:

In a separate interview, Hathaway said he decided to resign because Luber had begun to “bring my family into the issue by saying I have a conflict of interest because some of my in-laws are involved in politics in Morgan County.”

Hathaway’s father-in-law, former state Rep. Rodney Schad, was elected to the Morgan County Commission two years ago.

“I am not going to work in an environment in which I get an ass chewing every week,” Hathaway said.

Here, deflecting attention from his misconduct as administrator, Hathaway opens an interesting door. His relationship with Rodney Schad, and Schad’s relationship to Lake area players like Ameren, deserve skepticism and further review.

Unbelievably, Hathaway, whose ritualistic disregard for the ULC he was tasked to uphold, made the following audacious statement.

This statement bears repeating:

“I am not going to work in an environment in which I get an ass chewing every week,” Hathaway said.

As a direct result of Hathaway’s actions, Camden County has been exposed to liability. His ignorance and disregard for the ULC, along with an established history of abusive demeanor and language, would seem to indicate that Don Hathaway didn’t get as many ‘ass chewings’ as he deserved, despite whines to the contrary.

More than that, his simple statement is reflective of the way he administered his office as P and Z administrator. It is a direct statement to the people and tax payers of Camden County:

Hathaway knows best. No one should question Hathaway.

Cliff Luber responded to Hathaway’s statement with the following:

“I am sorry that he was offended, but I was just trying to get him to do his job properly,” Luber said. “I have an obligation to see that the citizens of Camden County are treated fairly and equitably and to see that the rules of planning and zoning are applied correctly and equitably.”

Apparently, asking him to follow the rule of law and the ULC he was paid to adhere to is equal to an ‘ass chewing’ in Hathaway’s world. This emotional infancy and grade-school logic, reminds of a child’s tantrum. It also would seek to turn the blame for Hathaway’s mismanagement of Planning and Zoning toward anyone who questioned him.

As reported yesterday in ‘Hathaway, McElyea and the ‘Chicken Little’ Argument’ from yesterday’s Morning Toast, Camden County Planning and Zoning, under the administration of Don Hathaway, was a source of never-ending controversy.

Recently it was announced that, as a direct result of Hathaway’s ignorance, the department was investigating anonymous complaints. This practice is strictly forbidden by the ULC Hathaway was paid to enforce and resulted in tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees the county had not budgeted for. This single example of gross negligence on Hathaway’s part created these unnecessary budget overruns.

“I am not going to work in an environment in which I get an ass chewing every week,” Hathaway said.


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