The Morning Toast: Monday, March 24


Today, we look at the unbelievable actions of Camden County attorney Charlie McElyea as he and Clerk Rowland Todd suspend Sunshine Law to protect the secrecy of McElyea’s billing records…

‘County Attorney Threatens Suit Against County…?’

Also, we take a look at Charlie Mac’s ‘Chicken Little’ logic and Hathaway’s resignation the legacy and the trail of allegations he leaves behind…

‘Hathaway, McElyea and The ‘Chicken Little’ Argument’

And, today on Guerrilla Radio with American Spring at high noon, we will be talking about Wednesday in Jefferson City. Workers rights groups and parental rights group both descend on the Capital…

Plus a discussion of today’s Toast. It’s bitter…but worth every bite.

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Keep an eye out for tomorrow’s Toast!

The news and stories they cannot and will not give you anywhere else….spread the word.

‘Guerrilla Radio with American Spring’


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