Franken Caught Making False Claims During Commission Meeting

During yesterday’s meeting of the Camden County Commission, local business owner Theresa Townsend, was invited to speak during the public comment section. Theresa hadn’t gone there with the intention of addressing the Commission, after numerous attempts to have her concerns added to the agenda have failed. She was there as an observer, yet when the invitation to speak was offered, she used it as an opportunity to find answers to questions she has repeatedly sent to the Commission.

Audio, circulating now on KRMS, can be heard of an exchange between Ms. Townsend and candidate Kris Franken. In that audio, Franken quite clearly states that he answered Ms. Townsend’s questions.

Ms. Townsend replied to Franken that if he were able to produce a single answer to her sixteen questions, she would happily stand corrected.

Both Ms. Townsend’s questions and Franken’s response can be found here.

American Spring and Citizens For a Better Camden County invite you to review the evidence and draw your own conclusions.


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