Attorney General Opens Investigation Into Camden County Government

The Office of the Missouri State Attorney General is looking into Sunshine Law violations brought to their attention by local business owner Theresa Townsend. Ms. Townsend, who has been a vocal advocate for the need for accountability in county government, discovered the violations as a result of research into planning and zoning after the department invented ordinances for use against her business.

In researching Missouri state statutes, Theresa discovered that both the planning and zoning board and board of adjustments appear to be seated illegally. As Camden is a first class county, state statute requires that one member of the county commission is to be seated on the planning and zoning board. Additionally, it specifically details the make up of a board of adjustments for P & Z. State statute requires that any such board of adjustment be made up of the three members of the Camden County Commission. The Attorney General’s office has forwarded these concerns to the Missouri Ethics Commission. They indicated that it was up to the county commission to ‘fix’ these boards.

The Attorney General is moving forward with concerns regarding violations of the Sunshine Law. They have found sufficient documentation, provided by Ms. Townsend, to investigate the records of the Camden County Clerk’s office and Camden County Commission.

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