American Spring’s Morning Toast: Monday, March 31



‘One name. One Vote’ We look at three ballot issues for Camden County voters in April, the Camdenton school board, Mid County FPD board race and tax increase initiative. Why are these municipal elections so important to the Lake of the Ozarks?

‘Answered Prayers’ is the story of the reunion of Dean, Tannia and their children. Patrick and Abbigail have been traveling state to state with their mother, living in squalid conditions. Despite pleas for help from Laclede County DFS and the sheriff department, Dean and Tannia were left alone to find their children….

‘Camden County, Missouri…Dirtiest County in America?’ is a look back at the articles collected and written by American Spring over the past year. It shows a shocking picture of utter lawlessness in this central Missouri county.

‘FRANKEN’S FIT’ Exclusive audio of Thursday’s meeting of the Camden County Commission and the tantrum thrown by Kris Franken.

‘CCSD Threatens Charges Against Victims After Near Fatal Beating’ The story you must hear to believe. A Guerrilla Radio with American Spring exclusive interview with Stacy Shore.


HIGH NOON ON GUERRILLA RADIO: We are joined by Yvonne Erwin for the very latest in the search for a missing Camden County man…and Sherry Lagares joins us to talk about the local ties to the Justina Pelletier case that has made national headlines as ‘Child Trafficking and Missouri Schools’ continues…and much more. Call in and join the conversation…718-664-6859


Leaked emails from Common Core designers shows the desperation of corporate powers to force their agendas on our schools…and the lengths they will go to. From Missouri Education Watchdogs….look for more on this from American Spring on Wednesday.

State lawmakers fight Common Core…

Turkey shuts down Twitter…

Retaliation taken against hunger strikers in Texas…

Private probation companies, like those in Camden County, prey on the poor…

Bitter…but worth every bite.

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