Hartzler? Hardly!: Letter to the Editor

From Duane Wells:

Had to laugh at the stupidity of Vicky Hartzler after hearing her on KRMS today. Her comment concerning the announcement of the cuts in Defense, truly show she and other GOP members are so phony. For her and others to say the President would rather give out more food stamps than to protect us is, wow, unbelievable.

They forget that when Darth Vader (Richard The DICK Cheney) cut the Defense of our country by 25% including dumping 500,000 of our troops, that was just fine and the
right thing to do. As for the food-stamps comment, she and the other idiots in the party forget how many of our so called hero’s (military) are on food-stamps!
Why those scumbags should be ashamed of themselves for taking food-stamps.

It’s called insanity and the sheep just keep eating it up. We deserve to fall with so-called leadership like that! Hartzler is an embarrassment as a Rep. for Mo.


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