UPDATE: Child Trafficking and Missouri Schools: The Weakest Link

In an earlier update to the ongoing investigation ‘Child Trafficking and Missouri Schools’, we looked at contradicting statements and bizzare emails sent to American Spring by Shawn Patrick Colgan.

Colgan is the live-in boyfriend of Amanda Rollins, mother of Kyle and Nicole Lagares, and joins her at the center of this series of investigative reports and as a Defendant in a lawsuit filed in federal court.

The correspondence received by American Spring was reprinted, in total.

As reported in Part One: Suffer The Children, Kyle has suffered mysterious injuries while in the care of Rollins and Colgan.

On August 27th, 2012, Colgan displayed another in a series of irrational acts. He charged the Lagares’ with a baseball bat during a custody exchange and proceeded to give chase. Colgan, upon realizing he is being videoed, discards the bat as he comes around the corner.

This incident took place after a phone call to the Department of Family Services threatened Colgan and Rollins’ well-laid plans.

Earlier that same day, Dr. Campbell, one of many physicians that Rollins and Colgan had taken Nicole to see while having sole custody of the girl, had made a report to the DFS hotline.

Dr. Campbell cited medical neglect against Rollins and Colgan, for not following doctor’s orders regarding Nicole’s persistent issues. This call was placed to Laclede County DFS the same day Colgan decided to pick up a baseball bat.

This established pattern of behavior from Colgan was one of the reasons for this Order of Protection that was issued on behalf of Nicole and Kyle. In this original Order of Protection, Judge Winfrey determined that it was not in the children’s best interest to have interactions with Colgan. This original Order can be found below.

Original OP-Child Patrick

This order was curiously amended later by Judge Aaron Koeppen. He overruled Winfrey’s decision and determined that Colgan’s only restriction be that he be ‘supervised’ by Rollins. That amended Order is below.


Rollins, in the wake of Dr. Campbell’s call, detailed a carefully constructed plan to rob Denny of his parental rights. In a fit of frustration at having that plan threatened by Dr. Campbell’s intervention, Rollins erupted, sending a spew of messages to Denny.

The behavior displayed by Colgan in the video above, along with Rollins’ fear at being undone by Dr. Campbell’s report, creates a stench of suspicion around this case. It is also, unfortunately for the Lagares family, the tip of the iceberg.

Even under the amended order, Colgan is prohibited from, at any time, issuing threats against the children. This video, taken days ago in the Lebanon Wal-Mart parking lot, appears to show Colgan in violation of this condition. The audio is not clear throughout. Below this video, you will find a transcript provided by the Lagares’.

Colgan: Are you too busy, Dad of the Year? Are you too busy to see your kids? As long as you can sleep at night…I’ll let Kyle know I saw you at Wal-Mart.

Denny: That’s good. Thank you for harassing me yet again.

Colgan: What’s that?

Denny: Thank you for harassing me yet again, buddy.

Colgan: I just want to make sure your kids know where you were when you were supposed to spend time with them.

Kaden: I put my cup in where?

Ginger: The cup holder.

This exchange occurred after a visit had been cancelled by the DFS. This was a fact known to Colgan, yet he instead chose to use this opportunity to both taunt Dennis and lie to Kyle and Nicole. By its definition, this would appear to violate even Koeppen’s amended Order of Protection.

It has come to our attention that Colgan is forcing the Lagares children to listen to Guerrilla Radio in order to make them believe that their parents and grandparents are lying to hurt them. This despicable behavior is consistent with the pattern he has displayed throughout this case.

Tonight, on Guerrilla Radio with American Spring, we will be discussing this update. Call in and join the conversation. 718-664-6859

Join us tomorrow evening on St Louis Missouri Grassroots Radio, as we discuss this case with Lisa Payne-Naeger on her show, Culture Vigilante.

Look for Part Three of this investigation, ‘Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing’, this week from American Spring.


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