Camden County P&Z Problems/Legal Questions Reach State Reps

Monday afternoon, local business owner Theresa Townsend was contacted by Rep. Diane Franklin’s office regarding questions about violations and abuses of Camden County Planning and Zoning.

Ms. Townsend, owner of Gidgets and Gadgets novelty store in Sunrise Beach, has been vocal in her criticisms of how planning and zoning is being administered in Camden County. Her concerns range from the punitive and selective enforcement of planning and zoning, the invention of violations by planning and zoning, a lack of oversight by the Camden County Commission and an ignorance of the ULC in practical application. During her research into Missouri state statutes regarding planning and zoning, she found continued violations, up to and including Presiding Commissioner Kris Franken’s end-around attempt to unilaterally rewrite Article 800 of the ULC.

This rewrite, authored by Franken, contains multiple violations of state statutes.

It would appear that violating state statutes is the norm in Camden County planning and zoning. As a first class county, planning and zoning in Camden County is supposed to have seated on it’s P and Z board one member of the Camden County Commission. Also, the Board of Adjustment for planning and zoning for a first class county is not to be made up of political appointees. Instead, this board is to be made up of the three members of the county commission.

Repeatedly, Theresa Townsend has addressed, emailed and attempted to be put on the agenda of the P&Z board. Her inquiries, concerns and questions have been met with predictable silence from the Camden County Courthouse.

Because of this lack of leadership, Theresa took her concerns to the Lake’s local state representatives.

She was contacted by Mr. Bryant with Diane Franklin’s office yesterday, who assured her that her concerns were hand delivered to Rocky Miller, Theresa’s state representative. She was given additional assurances that this matter would receive immediate attention from Jefferson City.

Taxpayers of Camden County, who are liable for any and all mistakes made in the administration of planning and zoning, hope to see the rule of law restored to Camden County P&Z.


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