Sound and Fury… UPDATE: Child Trafficking and Missouri Schools

Below you will find correspondence from Shawn Patrick Colgan and this website regarding its ongoing investigation ‘Child Trafficking and Missouri Schools’. It is presented here for public review.

Colgan is the live-in boyfriend of Amanda Rollins, ex-wife of Denny Lagares. Rollins and Colgan currently have full custody of both Nicole and Kyle.

To whom this may concern:

My name is Shawn P. Colgan Jr. and I have just recently read your blog on child trafficking in Missouri. I am appalled to say the least. I am very supportive of every effort that is made to ensure the corrupt government, on any level, is not allowed to destroy our lives and what we ( I, and many others) have fought for.

I am writing to let you know that your research is flawed, and grossly over exaggerated. You claim to have researched this thoroughly, and simply put, you haven’t. I am disappointed that someone of you statute would allow someone to give one side of a twisted story, and you don’t investigate to see if the facts are true.

As far as the story and the allegations that have been made on myself, family, friends and colleagues, and our justice system, you have had the wool pulled over your eyes only to blind you from the truth.

I am more than willing to sit down with you or email you the actual facts of this case. I can prove, through several agencies local, state, and federal, that your claims are frivolous and hold no bearing in the ACTUAL situation.

Please feel free to reach out to me. I will provide what information that I have.
Be sure to research facts before berating an entire community and state of something that makes for dramatic, unrealistic, and slimy article, for news, but in reality is a pathetic attempt that allows the actual demon to go unnoticed and achieve malicious intentions.

Thank you for your time and patients. Look forward to hearing from you.

Shawn Colgan U.S. Army Veteran

Mr. Colgan,

First, let me say I appreciate your reaching out to share your side of things. I am happy to review any and all information you would like to provide. Our goal is to provide facts and any that you can share would be welcome.
Please feel free to email the material you would like us to review. I am anticipating a Monday release for part three of our investigation. Any new insight would be helpful to provide context and balance.

Thank you,
Paul Ellison

Mr Ellison,

After much consideration, I have decided not to tell my side of things. If my facts are received by you and you write or dismiss them as the Lagares’ do then I will be wasting my time. In fact I will be retaining legal counsel to file for a suit of defamation. I will be starting the process this week. But, just for your information the Lagares’ have already been accused of false allegations starting with local law enforcement, and extending the lies and allegations up to the FBI. I have been cleared on all accounts. I find it amusing that you would honestly believe that the entire justice system is flawed and everyone involved have a personal vendetta with that family. There is no motive to, allegedly, destroy their lives. Do you think that the local, state, and federal agencies held a type of lotto to completely diminish this family? Do you think that there is no system of checks and balances in our legal system. You will be able to see the cold hard facts very shortly.

Look forward to hearing from my lawyer.


Shawn Colgan

After this threat of litigation was received, American Spring discontinued any further correspondence with Colgan. His statement, “I have decided not to tell my side of things” was taken at face value. Colgan however, had an apparent change of heart.

Below is a string of comments left on various articles on These comments were left anonymously, under the pseudonym ‘John Doe’. The comments originated from the email address ‘’. The email address, along with the nature, content and tone of the comments below seem to point directly to Colgan as their author.

11:41 AM

I find it amusing that all of you honestly believe that the entire justice system is out to get this family without motive. There is more to this story than you think. This is just simply not logical.

1:10 PM

Hey, did anyone actually click on the picture of the alleged “beating” of Kyle? No I am sure you didn’t. If you had, you would see that the picture is tampered with. You people have to be just as paranoid and delusional as the family you think you are helping. What is the motive here? What did the family do to deserve such injustice? NOTHING!!! This a weak and pathetic plea by the family to try and manipulate the truth to appear as though they are being picked on. All the while they themselves are the ones that spread lies, manipulate the system. OH! I forgot to mention, Kyle was coached to have aspberger’s syndrome. Kyle exhibited every typical sign for the syndrome and yet when he went to spend time with his mother they went away. Then the testing that the father tried so hard to get, to prove that the mother wasn’t able to care for Kyle’s needs because of his so-called condition, resulted in NOTHING! Kyle didn’t have the syndrome, he didn’t need special treatment. The father went to the extent of covering the child with a weighted blanket, brushing the child like a dog, and putting him on a gluten free diet. Hmmmm… Now who does that sound like? The very people that he is trying to accuse of treating him so badly. I think not.
Not to mention, Nicole, has been seen by many different doctors( with Father) to try and prove sexual assault, with pelvic exams and rape kits. This was almost a ritual when the children would spend time with their father. Even on Thanksgiving, in which he only had her for a few hours and it was spent at the ER. Another Pelvic exam. Yet, as many times as he has done this, never did any result in findings that were consistent with sexual trauma!

Editor’s note: No rape examination has ever been performed on Nicole Lagares. She was taken to see the doctor during a Thanksgiving visit because of rawness and redness, discovered during a visit with her father and his family. Nicole did have a pelvic ultrasound in 2011 for her bladder condition. This was done at St Mary’s hospital, while Nicole was in the custody and care of Rollins and Colgan. Dr. Brockman reported vaginal rawness during this visit.

This fact is confirmed by medical records.

1:16 PM

Your just as delusional as Dennis. Your entire family is absolutely pathetic if you allow their lies to affect you this way. What did you guys do, piss off the Governor of Missouri? Maybe the POTUS?? Give me a break. How do you find people that believe this crap that you are being targeted for no reason?? Their is a reason why Sherry’s own mother doesn’t associate with her. OH wait… Let me guess, she is big meanie and she doesn’t play well with others, and is out to get your family too??

2:03 PM

Okay, again your facts are flawed. The reason why the lovely Sherry didn’t get her motion heard the first 2 times is because between her and her lawyer, they couldn’t come up with why neither the mother AND father should be deemed unfit. The reason? Because you don’t have a case when your son has admitted to coaching the kids to lie about false allegations, and have no proof(even though you tried really hard to create it) that the mother was or is unfit. You think that the government is brain washing you and our children, by believing this lifetime movie-ques web of lies and deceit! And what makes this worse is that the children don’t trust their own father because her has told them multiple times to “play a trick” on Mommy and her boyfriend. By ” playing a trick, the kids thought that by lying the would gain dad’s love. Unfortunately he taught them that lying gets you know where. The truth will prevail. Don’t be sucked into this. Yes, American Spring you may be a great advocate for the community at large, but let me challenge you to research the other side of stories, because when you don’t you become just as deceptive, and slimy as the people that you allegedly are protecting us from. I challenge you as a reporter to DO YOUR JOB!!! Report the FACTS not your conspiracy theories!

2:21 PM

OH NO!! This can’t be! This all-American, god-fearing,amazing family is being targeted again?? Why would you,one, believe that the Dennis story is true, and two, believe that now the same people are out to get his new wife?? If you seriously have nothing better to do than to divulge yourself in the lies and pathetic rhetoric of these articles, then maybe, you the reader, are the ones who need us to be your voice and protect you. Okay, I have posted on every article concerning this story. I would love someone to give me some kind of MOTIVE! Hint: Look really, really hard… It’s kind of like trying to get oil from a water spout, blood from a turnip, or better put… IMPOSSIBLE!

3:19 PM

Okay.. Either my eye sight is going or I just read another assumption that really blows this case apart. So the author attempts to draw us in with all of the horrible, atrocious, and malicious alleged acts. YET, ..haWhen you look at the stated motive it doesn’t even closely link the stories with the allegations. Author says that the motive was to get revenge on a family that stood up for their kids’ rights to an education.
Wait… So(according to the rest of the articles) you want me to believe that Dr. Lupardus, has harbored a huge grudge against the lagares’? With that revenge that she has had bottled up, she could see into the future to when those dang Lagare’s would have kids, and that she needed to acquire a job in Lebanon( because she knew that is where they would be living…Ha). Then lets jump to the most outrageous claim. If the above stated is true then you have to believe this: Dr. Lupardus is a school official who could see into the future where she could get her revenge. She recruited every teacher in the school. As to say: If those Lagares'( who didn’t move to Lebanon til 2012) ever show up in my schools, you must help me destroy them. Then if you believe that, then you have to believe that she knew what lawyers that both parties would have representing them, you would also have to believe that she knew there would be allegations of abuse and paid off the DFS workers. Oh, wait. Let’s not forget to pay off the potential judge, all attorneys(including Mr. Roar) and every police and sheriff’s department( who allegedly wouldn’t enforce the law). But, just in case all else failed, she knew the exact judge that would preside over the case and paid him off too!!
Man that would make one hell of a blockbuster!!! That is EXACTLY what this is people. If you can’t see it from this post , then I will pray for you and your mental state.

The following email was received Monday, February 10.

From: Shawn Colgan

3:01 PM

It would be in the best interest of your bogus story, that you plan to air more on tomorrow, to allow me to speak with you. You have been sadly mistaken, and I think that you know it. However, if you continue to do this, you and all of your income and assets will be at risk, if I have to sue for defamation. Please call me or tell me where I can meet you today!

This email, which stands as a complete contradiction to previous statements from Colgan, was received before a scheduled visit between Denny Lagares and his children. This visit was supervised by DFS agent Amy Killion. A second email was received after this visit.

From Shawn Colgan

8:55 PM

I had high hopes for you Mr. Ellison. I thought you would come to your senses and talk to me about applying some truth to this story. However, you have seemed to fall into the same category as the Lagares’, a sadistic family looking to destroy a honest family’s reputation and lives. Not to mention, you’re actually helping to hurt the very kids you say you’re protecting. I have asked nicely, and warned accordingly. I will make it my life’s mission to expose the crooked, sadistic, and vile lies that you try to pass off as news. By the way, don’t run your mouth from behind a computer screen without giving someone a chance to defend themselves, that makes you a coward. Don’t be a coward Mr. Ellison.

Then, that same night, via Twitter:

Shawn Colgan Jr ‏@JrColgan 9h

How can run your mouth and spread lies but when I call any of you out, you run like cockroaches in light?@AmericanSpring

11:57 PM – 10 Feb 2014

Shawn Colgan Jr ‏@JrColgan 9h

I have tried to contact @americanspring SEVERAL times about his vicious lies he is accusing me of and, to my surprise, he wont answer. Why?

11:59 PM – 10 Feb 2014

Shawn Colgan Jr ‏@JrColgan 9h

@americanspring Why would you report one side of a story, and refuse the opportunity to hear the other side? I have extended my contact info

12:01 AM – 11 Feb 2014

In a telling move, the American Spring twitter account was ‘followed’ by DFS agent Amy Killion on the evening of February 10th, presumably after the supervised visit between Denny Lagares and his children. It would appear a consultation between Colgan and Killion led to her ‘following’ the American Spring account.

Her motivations for this are unclear, although this action appears to speak directly to collusion between Killion and Colgan.

Despite Mr. Colgan’s schizophrenic, inconsistent messages and games of semantic ping-pong, the offer to review any and all relevant information he can provide in this case, stands. It has not been rescinded, despite multiple threats and attempts to bully or cajole.

Stay tuned for the latest updates and Part Three of our investigation into ‘Child Trafficking and Missouri Schools’. Follow us on Twitter and tune in for tonight’s prime time edition of ‘Guerrilla Radio with American Spring’ for more on this story and other local, state and national news.

For the complete investigation to this point, please click here.


3 thoughts on “Sound and Fury… UPDATE: Child Trafficking and Missouri Schools

  1. Many things can be said of a mental state by their writing. I think that many things have been said in this instance as well. While I am just encountering this piece due to an acquaintance introducing me to this as I am moving to an area not far from this location (completely different county thankfully)…I am certainly disenchanted by my current profession to be relocating to an area such as this.
    That aside, it would appear that the opposing party in this made mention of an attorney being contacted rather than to speak on their own behalf…so the journalist in their own due diligence did the proper thing by not further seeking out the second parties side to this case.
    The above later correspondence does not bode of a person whom has hired an attorney or spoken on their side of the matter but would rather seek out to show that the side that was reported on initially did in fact have valid concerns about the second party.
    If my child were in a circumstance where their step family spoke out in such a way and was this heavily agitated by an article alone, and did not rather choose to eloquently and factually state their side of the issue I would also have valid concerns for their well being.

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