Family Under Siege: BREAKING NEWS Child Trafficking and MO Schools

Yesterday, January 28th, 2014, a hearing was scheduled in a custody matter regarding the children of Ginger Lagares. Ginger is the wife of Denny Lagares, mother to Austin, Jeremiah and Kaden and stepmother to Kyle and Nicole. This hearing appears to be a direct result of the ongoing campaign against Denny and Ginger’s parental rights.

The Lagares family has been under siege as a campaign has been waged against them.

The Lagares family has been under siege as a campaign has been waged against them.

The hearing was scheduled in Laclede County Circuit Court, Judge Jackson presiding.

Posted below is the motion filed by Ginger’s attorney, Joseph McMillen of the Kirksey Law Firm. It is dated Monday, January 27th. It is a motion for a continuance and was sent to Jack Miller, attorney for Ginger’s ex-husband, and Ginger. Because of this motion and her attorney’s assurances, Ginger believed her hearing and all matters pertaining to her case had been postponed until February.

According to entries on Casenet, decisions were made in Jackson’s courtroom without Ginger or her attorney.

It was a shock for Ginger to find that a GAL had been appointed in her case. The name listed was not one that had been discussed previously between Joseph McMillen and attorney Jack Miller. The entry made on Casenet noted the appearances of Jack Miller and attorney ‘O’Neil’, who was identified as Guardian Ad Litem for Ginger’s children.

Attorney Robert O’Neil is a former partner of Brad York at the firm of O’Neil, O’Neil and York.

O’Neil is also the president of the Lebanon school board. In his capacity as president, he was copied on emails regarding the Due Process filed by Denny and Ginger regarding their children Kyle, Nicole and Kaden. The district could potentially face liability for their actions, if the Lagares’ were allowed to file a suit on their children’s behalf.

Brad York is the current GAL in Kyle and Nicole’s case.

It was also noted on Casenet that the motion for continuance was granted and a hearing was set for February 11, 2014.

Ginger was informed by attorney Joseph McMillen of the Kirksey Law Firm, that he was no longer willing to represent her in this matter. He filed a motion to withdraw as council. According to McMillan, he had already exceeded the retainer of $2,100 the Lagares’ paid the firm. McMillen had requested an additional $5,000 to continue litigating Ginger’s case.

Yesterday’s hearing was the first scheduled in Ginger’s case.

Currently, neither of the Lagares’ have legal representation.

For details on the ongoing investigation into ‘Child Trafficking and Missouri Schools’, click here. For last night’s interview with the Lagares family on Guerrilla Radio with American Spring, click here. Follow Guerrilla Radio with American Spring on Facebook for the latest updates and local news.


5 thoughts on “Family Under Siege: BREAKING NEWS Child Trafficking and MO Schools

  1. Candy Roberts I heard that Judge Koeppen made some sort of statement that any recording of any kind (hence, that concerns the corruption, or cases he has been involved in) he is not in favor of. LMAO Really Judge Koeppen, I would not be in favor of it either. Given what we already know.

  2. Dennis’s Attorney Rohrer was previously the Attorney withing the Missouri Attorney Generals office in Jefferson City, that Represented the Division of Family Services in any wrong doing, in cases that parents filed against the Division or any cases against the Division of Family Services at all, until 2011 the political change of hands. HMMMM You should have been honest and up front as to your relationship with DFS.

  3. Update, Brad York, the children’s court appointed GAL, has a Personal and Financial interest to see Denny and Gingers Right’s stripped, his wife’s boss is Tammy Lupardus, His wife Eric York was the Special Education Teacher At the :Lagares children’s School, which When York was appointed hid this important fact that his financial well being depended on the decision he made for the Lagares Children. Brad York did not disclose this to the Lagares during his appointment and an ongoing Due Process Administrative Hearing, against the Lebanon School District. York has continued even though Denny’s attorney made a motion to have York disqualified, and Removed as the Children’s GAL subpenaed witness as to his Financial and Personal interest, Judge Koeppen refused the Lagares a hearing and kept York as the Children’s GAL. Hmmm..

  4. We know why some attorneys and Judges will not report this, but what about the rest of you out there, we know who you are.

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