The Transformation of Education

A Note From the Editor: Stacy Shore has led in the fight against Common Core in the state of Missouri. She has worked tirelessly in Jefferson City to educate our lawmakers about the dangers presented by this corporate take over of education. We are lucky to have her in our community.
There will be an educational meeting on June 3rd at the Camden County Library. I strongly urge you all to attend. Common Core is one of the tools they are using to privatize our schools. Through it, private companies are allowed to collect data on our children. It is an insidious means to undermine the very foundation of our educational system. No wonder this weekend, Obama was encouraging those kids who weren’t great students to become plumbers…

By Stacy Shore

The following are all quotes from Arne Duncan’s speech. These are all his words. My commentary is amplified below each excerpt.

Our goal for the coming year will be to work closely with global partners, including UNESCO, to promote qualitative improvements and system-strengthening. With such a shared commitment, we believe that we can greatly reduce the number of children out of school and ensure that the children who are in class are actually learning.

UNESCO = United Nations

I want to caution you that several misconceptions often crop up in the coverage of the Obama administration’s agenda. Media coverage of our reform agenda understandably tends to concentrate on the unexpected, such as the fact that President Obama, a progressive president, has supported the expansion of high-performing charter schools. Or that he favors incorporating student achievement growth as one of a number of factors in evaluations of teachers and school performance.

(Privatization of education)

The second assurance governors provided was in the area of data systems. More robust data systems and a new generation of assessments can assist teachers and principals to improve their practices and tailor their instruction in ways that were largely unthinkable in the past.

Does the governor have the authority to give the assurance that he would ramp up access to our childrens’ data? I see a pattern here with Gov. Nixon! What gives him that right?

Districts now have to engage in interventions to foster dramatic change in these schools. This will be some of the hardest, most controversial, and most important work you will see coming from the United States this school year, and in the years ahead

Okay, so any time an Obama Admin bully uses the word “change” our ears should all perk up. Why “controversial”?

Our vision of reform takes account of the fact that, in several respects, the governance of education in the United States is unusual. Traditionally, the federal government in the U.S. has had a limited role in education policy.

Why do they consider the way our Constitution protects our individual voices “unusual”?

As the federal role in education grew, so did the bureaucracy. All too often, the U.S. Department of Education operated more like a compliance machine, instead of an engine of innovation. The department typically focused on ensuring that formula funds reached their intended recipients in the proper fashion. It focused on inputs—not educational outcomes or equity.

There is that social equity piece.

The Obama administration has sought to fundamentally shift the federal role, so that the Department is doing much more to support reform and innovation in states, districts, and local communities.

There you have it…Arne Duncan admits the Federal role through CC will “reform” their role in education.

I’ve said that America is now in the midst of a “quiet revolution” in school reform. And this is very much a revolution driven by leaders in statehouses, state school superintendents, local lawmakers, district leaders, union heads, school boards, parents, principals, and teachers.

Quiet because they have silenced parents for too long while they ram this stuff down our throats. I don’t intend to be quiet. The sneaky ways that they have adopted to pass the buck must stop.

I said earlier that the United States now has a unique opportunity to transform our education system in ways that will resonate for decades to come. Last year and this year, the federal government provided unprecedented funds to support education and reform.

“Transform”? Again I say, when that comes out of the Obama Admin, does that scare you? It should. An in this sentence he is admitting proudly the federal govt. role in pushing the reforms through funding. Don’t let anyone lie to you and tell you this initiative is “state led”. Read this entire article. Save it in your favorites and send it to them if anyone ever is dumb enough to argue that fact.

But today, 37 states and the District of Columbia have already chosen to adopt the new state-crafted Common Core standards in math and English. Not studying it, not thinking about it, not issuing a white paper—they have actually done it.

Is your blood boiling? States signed on without “thinking about it”. Just as easy as that. No research, no studying, just did it. So much for “state led”.

So, in the end, transforming education is not just about raising expectations. It has to be about creating greater capacity at all levels of the system to implement reform. It has to be about results.

Reform? What kind? Keep asking that question. This is not about learning. This is about reforming and changing us as Americans.

The urgent need to provide an excellent education for every child is a right that cannot be denied. We can’t wait because our children can’t wait. The time for change is now.

There is that “change” word again. Ugly, isn’t it?


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